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Latin American Studies (LAS)

Committee Chair: Associate Professor Morín

390 The Hispanic Caribbean: Study Abroad in the Dominican Republic (3)

Emphasis on the Dominican Republic, Cuba, and Puerto Rico. Topics will include colonization and slavery, race, gender, religion, European and U.S. interventionism, migration, and development. (Lec. 3) Pre: SPA 104; HIS 180 is suggested.

397 Directed Study for Senior Research Project (3)

Research in a particular area of Latin American studies. Project must be approved by the LAS Committee. (Independent Study) Pre: approval of LAS Committee and instructor.

The following are related courses offered by various departments of the University.


303 New World Prehistory

315 Cultures and Societies of Latin America

470 Problems in Anthropology

Communication Studies

361 Intercultural Communication


338 International Economics

363 Economic Growth and Development


180 Introduction to Latin American Civilization

382 History of Modern Latin America

391 Directed Study or Research

508 Seminar in Asian or Latin American History

Political Science

201 Introduction to Comparative Politics

431 International Relations

432 International Government


335, 336 Topics in the Literature of the Portuguese-Speaking World

497, 498 Directed Study


305 Early Spanish-American Literature and Culture

306 Modern Spanish-American Literature and Culture

393 Modern Hispanic-American Literature in Translation

470 Topics in Hispanic Literature

488 Spanish-American Poetry and Drama

489 The Spanish-American Narrative

497, 498 Directed Study

570 Topics in Hispanic Literature and Culture

572 Evolution of Spanish-American Culture and Thought

574 Interpretations of Modern Spanish-American Thought

590 The Hispanic Presence in the United States

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