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Public Relations (PRS)

Coordinators: Associate Professor Derbyshire, Communication Studies, and Professor Levin, Journalism

340 (or JOR 340) Public Relations (3)

Principles and procedures in public relations: emphasis on role of the public relations practitioner as a specialist in communication; analysis of publications produced as a part of public relations. (Lec. 2, Lab. 2) Pre: junior standing and JOR 220 with a grade of C or better.

441 (or JOR 441) Public Relations Practices (3)

Practical application of traditional PR methods in solving problems in a variety of markets. Explores fundamental agency operations, client-agency relationships. Combines practical experience with individual projects, programs, and campaigns. (Practicum) Pre: 340. Not for graduate credit.

491 Public Relations Internship (3 or 6)

Supervised experience in public relations. Requires a minimum of 120 hours (3 credits) or 240 hours (6 credits). Weekly class meeting. May be repeated; maximum of 6 credits allowed toward graduation. Pre: public relations majors only; 340, 441, COM 306, and JOR 341. Permission of instructor and application required. Not for graduate credit.

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