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Religious Studies (RLS)

Chairperson: Professor Zeyl (Philosophy)

111 Judaism, Christianity, and Islam (3)

Comparative study of the teachings, the histories, and the practices of the three religions of Abraham; emphasis on their teachings. (Lec. 3) (L) [D]

125 Biblical Thought (3)

Selected portions of the Old and New Testaments with emphasis on their positive contribution to the philosophy of the Jewish and Christian religions. (Lec. 3) (L)

126 The Development of Christian Thought (3)

History of religious and philosophical ideas, development of the teachings of Christianity. Emphasis to meet needs and interests of students. Historical nature of material suitable for liberal education without regard to student’s religious affiliation. (Lec. 3) (L)

131 Introduction to Asian Philosophies and Religions (3)

Introductory study of the main philosophical and religious ideas in Asia, with emphasis on Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism. (FC) or (L)

151 The Jewish Experience (3)

Examines Judaism’s history, customs, culture, and beliefs. (Lec. 3)

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