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Women’s Studies (WMS)

Director: Professor Stein

150 Introduction to Women’s Studies (3)

Images of women, the theories and processes of socialization, historical perspectives, and implications for social change. (Lec. 3/Online) Service learning in some sections. (S) [D]

220 Women and the Natural Sciences (3)

An interdisciplinary perspective on women as practitioners and subjects of the natural sciences; history of women in science; science as a gendered discourse. (Lec. 3) (L) [D]

300 Field Experience in Women’s Studies (2-6)

Supervised field work allowing students to learn through direct personal experience about the background, problems, and concerns of particular populations of women. (Practicum) Service learning. Pre: 150 or 315 or permission of instructor. May be taken or repeated for a maximum of 6 credits.

301 Women’s Professional Development and Leadership (3)

Theory, data, and skill development for career building and leadership. Gender issues in organizational settings, developing professional skills and responses to challenges in the workplace, and strategies for positive change. (Lec. 3/Online)

305 Current Issues in Women’s Studies (1)

Research and analysis of one issue such as job discrimination or sex trafficking. Class plans a project addressing the issue. (Lec. 1) Pre: 150. May be repeated once if topic changes.

306 Practicum in Women’s Studies (1)

Practicum. Students work alone or in groups to conduct a project developed in 305. May be repeated once if topic changes. (Lec. 1) Pre: 305.

310 Race, Class, and Sexuality in Women’s Lives (3)

Interconnections among race, ethnicity, class, and sexuality and the impact of sexism, racism, classism, and heterosexism on women’s lives are investigated. Alliance building among women is explored. (Lec. 3) Pre: 150 or 315 or permission of instructor.

315 Introduction to Feminist Theories and Methodologies (3)

Development of feminist thought, exploration of contemporary feminist theories and research methods, including African-American, lesbian, Western and non-Western perspectives, and the future role of feminist theories and methodologies. (Lec.3/Online) Pre: 150 or permission of instructor. (L) [D]

317 (or ENG 317) Contemporary Women Novelists of the Americas (3)

Novels by contemporary women writers from the American continents. Topics include construction of the female body, sexuality and desire, motherhood, exile and immigration, women and work. (Lec. 3) (A) [D]

320 Feminist Thought into Action (3)

Analysis and discussion of how feminist thought has been transformed into action for social change. Women’s civil and human rights. Political thought, analysis, and activism in campaigns for women’s rights. Pre: 150 or permission of instructor. (L) or (S) [D]

325 International Women’s Issues (3)

Focuses on women’s rights in a global context, ideologies and practices that deny women equal status in society, including violence against women, freedom and democracy movements, and women’s rights. (Lec. 3) Pre: 150 or permission of instructor.

350, 351 Special Topics in Women’s Studies (3)

Selected areas of study pertinent to women’s studies. Instruction may be offered in class seminar or tutorial environments according to specific needs and purposes. (Lec. 3) Some topics may be offered online. May be repeated with different topic.

360 Men and Masculinities (3)

Examines from a feminist perspective the values, beliefs, myths, realities, research, and writings about men and masculinities in contemporary United States life. (Seminar). Pre: 150.

365 Sexual Victimization (3)

Analysis of a range of victimizations, based on gender and sexualities. Consideration of heterosexist and homophobic reactions through such acts as bullying, harassment, abuse, and assault; intersections with age, race, and gender. (Seminar) Pre: 150 or permission of instructor.

370 Sex Trafficking (3)

Focuses on the commercial sexual exploitation and slavery of women and girls and the impact on their health, rights, and status in society. (Lec. 3/Online) Pre: 150 or permission of instructor.

400 Critical Issues and Feminist Scholarship (3)

Theoretical and value questions in women’s studies; impact of feminist scholarship on traditional disciplines; feminist theory and research methods in selected fields; the future of feminism. (Seminar) Pre: 315 or 310 or 320 and senior standing or permission of instructor.

401 Human Trafficking and Contemporary Slavery (3)

Focuses on contemporary human trafficking and slavery, including sex trafficking, bonded labor, forced labor, child soldiers, and domestic servant slavery. (Lec. 3) Pre: junior standing or permission of the instructor. Not for graduate credit.

402 Campaigns and Services for Victims of Trafficking and Slavery (3)

Focuses on historical and contemporary campaigns for ending human trafficking and slavery and on providing services to contemporary victims of human trafficking and slavery. (Lec. 3/Online) Pre: junior standing or permission of instructor. Not for graduate credit.

410 Portfolio in Women’s Studies (1)

Portfolio of student papers and projects as culmination of women’s studies course work. (Lec. 1) Pre: WMS majors and minors in senior year. Not for graduate credit.

450 Independent Study (3)

Advanced work in women’s studies under the direction of a faculty member affiliated with the women’s studies program. (Independent Study) Pre: junior or senior standing. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 credits.

490 Advanced Topics in Women’s Studies (1-3)

Advanced study in topics of special interest in women’s studies. This course will be conducted as a seminar for juniors, seniors, and graduate students. Pre: 315 or 310 or 320 and senior standing or permission of instructor. (Seminar) Some topics may be offered online. May be repeated with different topic.

500 Colloquium in Women’s Studies (2-3)

Discussion of research methods in women’s studies; presentations on current research and issues relevant to women’s and gender studies.

Following are related courses offered by various departments of the University.

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146 Women in the United States, 1890-Present

308 Between Eve and Mary: Women in the Middle Ages

351 History of Women in Medicine

352 Topics in the History of Women and Gender

355 Black Women in the U.S.: Colonial Times to the Present

376 Women in Muslim Societies

391 Directed Study or Research (when the topic is women)

Human Development and Family Studies

230 Marriage and Family Relationships

298 Contemporary Issues in Student Development

430 Family Interaction

432 Perspectives on Parenting

433 Family Life Education

437 Law and Families in U.S.

505 Human Sexuality and Counseling

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375 Women in Sport: Contemporary Perspectives

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150 Human Sexuality

459 Perspectives on Male and Female Sexuality


210 Women and Moral Rights

Political Science

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430 Intimate Relationships

466 Child Sexual Abuse

480 Psychology of Women


212 Families in Society

242 Sex and Gender

413 Gender Inequality

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Textiles, Fashion Merchandising and Design

224 Culture, Dress, and Appearance

In addition, special topics may be offered by other departments.

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