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2009-2010 Catalog Online

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Russian (RUS)

Section Head: Professor Aronian

101 Beginning Russian I (3)

Introduction to fundamentals of grammar; exercises in speaking, reading, and writing. Emphasis on pronunciation, intonation, and aural comprehension of contemporary spoken Russian. Language laboratory required. (Lec. 3) Pre: no prior Russian is required. Will not count toward the language requirement if the student has studied Russian for more than one year within the last six years. (FC) [D]

102 Beginning Russian II (3)

Continuation of 101. Students enrolling in this course should have taken 101 or equivalent. (Lec. 3) (FC) [D]

103 Intermediate Russian I (3)

Completion of fundamentals of grammar; exercises in speaking and writing, reading of contemporary texts; emphasis on distinction between spoken and written language. Language laboratory required. Students enrolling in this course should have taken 102 or equivalent. (Lec. 3) (FC) [D]

104 Intermediate Russian II (3)

Continuation of 103. Students enrolling in this course should have taken 103 or equivalent. (Lec. 3) (FC) [D]

205, 206 Advanced Russian (3 each)

Oral reports, written compositions, and classroom discussion based on readings in Russian history and culture, literature, and current Soviet affairs. Listening projects in laboratory. Students enrolling in this course should have taken 104 or equivalent. (Lec. 3) (FC) [D]

391, 392 Masterpieces of Russian Literature (3 each)

Prose, poetry, and drama from late 18th through 20th centuries in translation. Emphasis on literary movements through textual analysis. Authors range from Pushkin to Pasternak, including Dostoevsky and Tolstoy. (Lec. 3) (A) [D]

460 The Russian Novel (3 )

Major developments in themes and techniques, significant shifts of mode. Influences on the emergence of the novel in Russia. Laboratory required. (Lec. 3) Pre: credit or concurrent enrollment in 205 and 206.

498 Directed Study (3 )

For the advanced student. Individual research and reports on problems of special interest. (Independent Study) Pre: acceptance of project by member and approval of section head.

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