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2010-2011 Catalog Online

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Internships and Experiential Education (ITR)

301, 302 Field Experience I, II (3-12 each)

Field experience gained at placement site through participation in the ITR program. The experience will be defined by a job description and learning contract arranged by the ITR director between the student intern, the intern’s faculty advisor, and the relevant agency supervisor. (Practicum) Pre: junior or senior standing, a minimum quality point average of 2.50, participation in the ITR program, and permission of faculty advisor. May be repeated for a maximum of 24 credits. S/U credit.

303, 304 Colloquium I, II (3 each)

Seminar format. Discussions of issues and problems raised by internship experiences in public service agencies. (Seminar/Online) Pre: concurrent enrollment in 301 for 303, and in 302 for 304. Required for and open only to students enrolled in the ITR program.

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