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2010-2011 Catalog Online

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Landscape Architecture (LAR)

Chairperson: Professor Green

101 Freshman Inquiry into Landscape Architecture (1)

Introduction for freshmen to landscape architecture: the profession, practices, and principles. Interact weekly with faculty and staff. Explore hands-on studio and field studies. (Lec. 1) S/U credit.

201 Survey of Landscape Architecture (3)

Introduction to landscape design theory and composition as an applied art form. (Lec. 3/Online) (A)

202 Origins of Landscape Development (3)

Examines the impact of environment, social history, philosophy, art, and literature on architecture and landscape development from ancient to modern times. Emphasis on European Renaissance through contemporary United States. (Lec. 3) (L) [D]

243 Landscape Architecture Graphics (4)

Introduction to landscape graphic communication techniques with emphasis on design and construction drawing and perspective illustration. (Lec. 2, Studio 4) For landscape architecture majors only. Pre: permission of instructor is required.

244 Basic Landscape Architectural Design (4)

Introduction to the development of outdoor space with emphasis on the design process and the manipulation of spatial volumes. (Lec. 2, Studio 4) Service learning. Pre: 243.

300 Computers in Landscape Architecture (4)

Intensive course in computer usage for landscape architects. Focus on the application of landscape architecture computer-aided design software to project development applications. (Lec. 2, Studio 4) Pre: sophomore standing in landscape architecture.

301 Landscape Expression and Analysis (4)

Focuses on existing landscape methodologies to examine the earth’s surface: using topographical surveying, 3-D mapping, soils analysis, graphic depiction, land interpretation and land development drainage and associated environmental impacts. (Lec. 3, Studio 2) Pre: 244 and MTH 111. For LAR majors or with permission of instructor.

302 Applied GIS for Landscape Architecture (3)

GIS software, data, and orthophotos will be explored and used for site analysis and the creation of plans suitable for standing alone or being incorporated into CAD design/planning applications. (Lec. 2, Lab. 2) Pre: junior or senior landscape architecture major or permission of instructor.

343 Landscape Architecture Studio I (4)

Landscape concepts in graphic form. Emphasis on preparing landscape plans for small to intermediate scale properties. Students study in a professional studio environment. (Lec. 2, Studio 4) Pre: 201, 202, and 244. Intended for landscape architecture majors only.

344 Landscape Architecture Studio II (4)

Continuation of landscape concepts and graphics. Emphasis on drawing landscape plans for intermediate to larger scale properties. Advanced rendering. (Lec. 2, Studio 4) Pre: 301, 343, and 345; credit or concurrent enrollment in 346. Intended for landscape architecture majors only.

345 Landscape Construction I (4)

A comprehensive survey of construction materials and their uses in landscape construction. (Lec. 2, Studio 4) Pre: 244 and 300. Intended for landscape architecture majors only.

346 Landscape Construction II (4)

Reshaping of earth surfaces through the study of soil adjustment: grading, drainage, cut and fill. (Lec. 2, Studio 4) Pre: 300, 301, and 345. Intended for landscape architecture majors only.

353 (or PLS 353) Landscape Plants I (3)

Identification and description under fall conditions; classification and adaptation of the important trees and shrubs including broadleaf evergreens and their value in ornamental plantings. (Lec. 1, Lab. 4) Pre: BIO 102 or PLS 150.

354 (or PLS 354) Landscape Plants II (3)

Identification and description under winter and spring conditions; classification and adaptation of the coniferous evergreens, vines, and groundcovers and their value in ornamental plantings. (Lec. 2, Lab. 2) Pre: 353.

399 Landscape Architecture Internship (1-6)

Directed work experience program at landscape architecture offices, contracting firms, and related industries. (Practicum) Pre: permission of instructor.

434 Introduction to Environmental Law

See Community Planning 434.

443 Planting Design (4)

The use of plant materials in landscape composition. Combines spatial definition of various land uses with plant selection. Preparation of plans, details, and specifications. (Lec. 2, Studio 4) Pre: 344 and 354. Intended for landscape architecture majors only. Not for graduate credit.

444 Landscape Architecture Studio III: Sustainable Design (4)

Environmental analysis and sustainable design principles are emphasized in this studio which focuses on the preparation of ecologically based designs for individuals and communities. Sustainable concepts, public workshops and presentations (Lec. 2, Studio 4) Service learning. Pre: 344 and 346. Intended for landscape architecture majors only. Not for graduate credit.

445 Landscape Architecture Studio IV (4)

Study of comprehensive landscape architectural projects. Coordination of research, preparation of contract documents, and office procedures. (Lec. 2, Studio 4) Service learning. Pre: 443 and 444. Intended for landscape architecture majors only. Not for graduate credit.

447 Professional Landscape Architectural Practice (3)

Professional practice, ethics, marketing design services, preparation of contract documents, and effective time management. (Lec. 3) Pre: senior standing in landscape architecture. Not for graduate credit.

450 Landscape Architecture Portfolio Development (1)

This senior level course will cover the strategy and skills necessary for constructing a professional portfolio and provide students with an opportunity to understand the full potential of the portfolio within the profession. (Lec. 1) Pre: 443 and 444. Not for graduate credit.

491, 492 Special Projects and Independent Study (1-3 each)

Special work to meet specialized needs in the landscape architecture profession. (Independent Study) Pre: permission of instructor. Not for graduate credit.

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