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2010-2011 Catalog Online

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Library (LIB)

Dean: Professor Maslyn

120 Introduction to Information Literacy (3)

In-depth exploration and practice of information literacy skills designed to support college-level research and lifelong learning. (Lec. 3/Online) (EC)

140 Special Topics in Information Literacy (1)

Introduction to core concepts of information literacy and essential skills in finding, analyzing, organizing, and presenting information. (Lec. 1) Must be taken concurrently with a course that requires information literacy skills.

220 Issues of the Information Age (3)

Critical current issues concerning the use of information are examined. Emphasis placed on the interdisciplinary nature of information and the use of research techniques as a foundation for informed citizenship. (Lec.3/Online) (EC) or (L)

508 Seminar in Biological Literature

See Biological Sciences 508.

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