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2010-2011 Catalog Online

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Military Science and Leadership (MSL)

Chairperson: Professor Wilson

101 Introduction to Leadership I (1)

Introduction to leadership dimensions while presenting a big picture understanding of a leadership development program. Students may participate in events including rappelling and land navigation. No military obligation is associated with this course. Open to all levels. (Lec. 1)

102 Introduction to Leadership II (1)

Overview of leadership fundamentals such as problem solving, public speaking, providing feedback, and using effective writing skills. Topics include skills such as first aid, marksmanship, survival, and orienteering. No military obligation is associated with this course. Open to all levels. (Lec. 1)

105 Introduction to Military Physical Fitness (1)

A “Boot Camp” style fitness program for students with little or no previous experience. Students learn the fundamentals of physical fitness and how Physical Training is conducted in the US Army. (Practicum) No prior military experience is required. Pre: medical release signed by the student’s physician. S/U

201 Leadership and Military History (3)

Study of innovative leadership styles and Army tactics by examining key battles throughout history. Case studies provide context for learning ethical decision making and Warrior Ethos as they apply in the contemporary operating environment. Open to all levels. (Lec. 3)

202 Leadership and Team Building (3)

Examines the challenges of leading teams in the complex contemporary operating environment (COE). Highlights dimensions of terrain analysis, patrolling, and operation orders in the context of military operations. Open to all levels. (Lec. 3)

300 Leadership Training Internship (6)

Four-week paid summer internship held at Fort Knox, KY. Upon completion, the student will receive 6 credits and meet the requirements of the 100- and 200-level studies and qualify for continued studies in leadership development. (Practicum) Pre: permission of department.

301 Advanced Leadership Management (3)

Integrates the principles and practices of leadership and personal development to prepare students for the U.S. Army’s Leadership Development and Assessment program. (Lec.3) Pre: permission of department.

302 Advanced Leadership Management II (3)

Builds on the foundation of 301. Focuses on developing students’ situational leadership abilities to enable them to succeed in demanding, realistic, and stressful practical exercises requiring mental and physical agility. (Lec. 3) Pre: permission of department.

401 Adaptive Leadership (3)

Students experience opportunities in planning and leading student operations to develop as adaptive leaders. Classroom and situational leadership experiences designed to prepare for first workplace experience. Pre: 301 and 302 or permission of department. Not for graduate credit.

402 Adaptive Leadership in a Complex World (3)

Explores the dynamics of leading in complex situations. Study differences in cultural customs and courtesies, law of land warfare, and rules of engagement in the face of international terrorism. (Lec. 3) Pre: 301 and 302 and 401 or permission of department. Not for graduate credit.

403 Army Topics - Military History (3)

Development of an approved project under faculty supervision. (Independent Study/Online) Pre: permission of chairperson. Not for graduate credit.

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