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URI Timeline


The Watson House is part of the original 140-acre farm purchased in 1888 to establish an agricultural school in Kingston. Watson House, the oldest structure on campus, was built around 1796 and is located on the corner of West Alumni and Old Farmhouse roads just west of the University’s library.


1888 space pictureState Agricultural School established

space pictureAgricultural Experiment Station established

space pictureWatson farm purchased as site

1889 space pictureTaft Laboratory

space pictureJohn H. Washburn appointed principal

1890 space pictureSouth Hall

1891 space pictureCollege Hall

space pictureLadd Laboratory

1892 space pictureRhode Island College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts founded May 19

space pictureJohn H. Washburn, President

1894 space pictureFirst class graduated

space pictureAlumni Association formed

1895 space pictureCollege Hall burned and rebuilt as Davis Hall

1897 space pictureLippitt Hall

space pictureFirst Grist yearbook published

1898 space picturePreparatory school established

1902 space pictureHomer J. Wheeler, Acting President

1903 space pictureKenyon L. Butterfield, President

1904 space pictureExtension Department organized

1906 space pictureHoward Edwards, President

space pictureGreenhouse and Horticultural Building

1907 space pictureMaster’s degree awarded for first time

1908 space picturePreparatory school discontinued

space pictureThe Beacon (student newspaper) established as a monthly

space pictureRho Iota Kappa (first fraternity)

1909 space pictureEast Hall

space pictureBy charter amendment, name changed to Rhode Island State College

1910 space pictureTheta Chi (first national fraternity)

1912 space pictureFirst fraternity house (Beta Phi)

1913 space pictureRanger Hall

space pictureChapter of Phi Kappa Phi, national honor society

1918 space pictureAcademic work suspended April 28

space pictureStudent Army Training Corps

1919 space pictureAcademic work resumed January 2

1921 space pictureWashburn Hall

1924 space pictureHome Management House

1928 space pictureMemorial Gateway

space pictureBliss Hall

space pictureEdwards Hall

space pictureRodman Hall

space pictureEast Farm acquired

1930 space pictureJohn Barlow, Acting President

1931 space pictureRaymond G. Bressler, President

space picturePresident’s House

1932 space pictureReorganization of college: Schools of Engineering, of Science and Business, and of Agriculture and Home Economics

1934 space pictureAsa Sweet and Edward Sweet lands purchased

1936 space pictureNarragansett Marine Laboratory

space pictureAnimal Husbandry Building

space pictureEleanor Roosevelt Hall

space pictureQuinn Hall

space pictureCentral Heating Plant

space picturePeckham farm purchased

1937 space pictureGreen Hall

1938 space pictureMeade Field

1939 space pictureBoard of Trustees of State Colleges created

1940 space pictureJohn Barlow, Acting President

1941 space pictureCarl R. Woodward, President

1942 space pictureWar-accelerated program with summer term initiated

space pictureReorganization of School of Science and Business into separate schools of Science and of Business Administration

space pictureEngineering Experiment Station established

space pictureIndustrial Extension Division established

1943 space pictureArmy Specialized Training Unit assigned to college

1944 space pictureSecond Peckham farm purchased

space pictureIndustrial Extension Division replaced by Division of General College Extension

space pictureWar-accelerated program ended in September

1945 space pictureDegree program in nursing established

space pictureSherman farm acquired

1946 space pictureQuonset hut colony erected as emergency housing project

space pictureSchool of Home Economics established

1948 space pictureSchool of Arts and Sciences established

space pictureBachelor of Arts degree authorized by Board of Trustees

1949 space pictureBachelor of Arts degree awarded for first time at June commencement

1950 space pictureButterfield and Bressler Halls

1951 space pictureName changed to University of Rhode Island by act of General Assembly

1952 space picturePastore Chemical Laboratory

1953 space pictureChapter of Sigma Xi, national scientific honor society

space pictureFrank W. Keaney Gymnasium

space pictureLaboratories for Scientific Criminal Investigation established

1954 space pictureRhode Island Memorial Union

1957 space pictureCollege of Pharmacy established

space pictureURI Foundation established

1958 space pictureFrancis H. Horn, President

space pictureDegree of Doctor of Philosophy authorized by Board of Trustees

space pictureChild Development Center

space pictureHutchinson, Peck, and Adams Residence Halls

space pictureHope Dining Hall

1959 space pictureWoodward Hall

space pictureAdministration Building

space pictureComputer Laboratory established

space picturePotter Infirmary

space pictureWales and Kelley Halls

1960 space pictureFish Oceanographic Laboratory

space pictureIndependence Hall

space pictureDavis Hall and East Hall remodeled

space pictureBureau of Government Research established

space pictureFaculty Senate established

1961 space pictureGraduate School of Oceanography

space pictureTucker, Merrow, and Browning Halls

space pictureGilbreth Hall

1962space pictureCrawford Hall

space pictureW. Alton Jones Campus acquired

space pictureResearch ship Trident commissioned

1963 space pictureTyler Hall

space pictureGraduate Library School established

space pictureWeldin and Barlow Halls

1964 space pictureFogarty Health Science Building

space pictureWatson House restored

1965 space pictureAddition to the Memorial Union

space pictureUniversity Library

space pictureLaw of the Sea Institute established

space pictureSherman Maintenance Building

space pictureBachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Music degrees authorized

space pictureResearch Center in Business and Economics established

space pictureWater Resources Research Center established

1966 space pictureAldrich, Burnside, Coddington, Dorr, Ellery, and Hopkins Halls, and Roger Williams Center

space pictureJustin S. Morrill Science Building

space pictureFine Arts Center (Phase I)

space pictureInstitute of Environmental Biology established

1967 space pictureBallentine Hall

space pictureF. Don James, Acting President

1968 space pictureKelley Hall Research Annex

space picturePell Marine Science Library

space pictureHorn Laboratory

space pictureFirst Sea Grant received

space pictureWerner A. Baum, President

space pictureNew England Marine Resources Information Program established

1969 space pictureHome Management Center

space pictureCurriculum Research and Development Center established

space pictureHeathman Hall

space pictureFaculty Center

space pictureInternational Center for Marine Resource Development established

1970 space pictureFayerweather Hall

space pictureGorham Hall

space pictureConsortium for the Development of Technology established

space pictureMarine Advisory Service established

1971 space pictureTootell Physical Education Center

space pictureFine Arts Center (Phase II)

space pictureConference Center, Jones Campus

space pictureAdministrative Services Center

space pictureBoard of Regents for Education (Education Act of 1969) takes over direction of higher education

space pictureURI named one of first four Sea Grant Colleges and designated National Sea Grant Depository

1972 space pictureBiological Sciences Building

space pictureChafee Social Science Building

space pictureUniversity College established

space pictureCoastal Resources Center established

space pictureGraduate apartment complex

1973 space pictureWilliam R. Ferrante, Acting President

space pictureResearch Aquarium

space pictureScience Research and Nature Preserve Buildings, Jones Campus

space pictureCommunity Planning Building

1974 space pictureFrank Newman, President

space pictureLaboratory for the Study of Information Science founded

1975 space pictureAddition to the University Library

1976 space pictureResearch ship Endeavor commissioned

1977 space pictureBachelor of General Studies established

space pictureWhite Hall

space pictureChapter of Phi Beta Kappa, national liberal arts honor society

space pictureCenter for Ocean Management Studies established

space pictureCenter for Energy Study established

space pictureRegional Coastal Information Center established

1978 space pictureCollege of Human Science and Services succeeds College of Home Economics

space pictureNorman D. Watkins Laboratory

1979 space pictureInformation Center

1980 space pictureInstitute for Human Science and Services established

space pictureRobotics Research Center

1981 space pictureCenter for Atmospheric Chemistry established

space pictureDivision of University Extension name changed to College of Continuing Education

space pictureBoard of Governors for Higher Education established by act of General Assembly

1983 space pictureMarine Resources Building

space pictureSmall Business Development Center established

space pictureEdward D. Eddy, President

1984 space pictureLabor Research Center established

space pictureFood Science and Nutrition Research Center

1985 space pictureAddition to Pastore Chemical Laboratory

space pictureApplied Engineering Laboratory

1986 space pictureAnatomy Laboratory

space pictureBiotechnology Center established

space pictureDivision of Marine Resources name changed to Office of Marine Programs

1988 space pictureInstitute for International Business established

space pictureBachelor of Lanscape Architecture (B.L.A.) established

1989space pictureFisheries and Marine Technology Building

space picturePacific-Basin Capital Markets Research Center established

space pictureResearch Institute for Telecommunications and Information Marketing established

1990space pictureW. Alton Jones Campus Environmental Education Center designated a National Center for Environmental Education

1991space pictureRobert L. Carothers, President

space pictureMackal Field House

space pictureLibrary addition

space pictureSocial Sciences Research Center

space pictureEngineering Building and addition to Kirk Laboratory

space pictureAtmospheric Chemistry Center, Narragansett Bay Campus

1992space pictureURI Centennial Celebration

space pictureNew Sailing Pavilion, Point Judith Pond

space pictureRenovation/addition to Memorial Union

space pictureRestructuring of Keaney Gymnasium

space pictureSycamore Residential and Conference Lodge, W. Alton Jones Campus

1993space pictureDining Services Distribution Center

space pictureCentury Walk installed on the Quadrangle

1995space pictureURI designated an Urban Grant Institution

1996space pictureCollege of Continuing Education’s Shepard Building restored

space pictureCoastal Institute, Narragansett Bay Campus

1998space pictureNew Multicultural Center

space pictureCCE renamed the Alan Shawn Feinstein College of Continuing Education

space pictureCollege of Resource Development renamed the College of the Environment and Life Sciences

space pictureOcean Technology Center, Narragansett Bay Campus

1999space pictureIEP House

space pictureSchool of Education established

space pictureVietnam War Memorial

space pictureAnn Gall Durbin Aquarium Building dedicated, Narragansett Bay Campus

2001space pictureCoastal Institute, Kingston Campus

space pictureSchmidt Labor Research Center named

2002space pictureURI Foundation Building

space pictureThomas M. Ryan Center

space pictureNiles Farmstead Cemetery dedicated

space pictureBradford R. Boss Ice Arena

2003space pictureBallentine Hall Renovation

space pictureGreen Hall Restoration

space pictureNewman Hall dedicated

space pictureBiomedical Research Infrastructure Network (BRIN) Laboratory

2004space pictureBlount Aquaculture Research Laboratory, Narragansett Bay Campus

2005space pictureURI Alumni Center

2006space pictureIndependence Hall Renovation

space pictureMeade Field Improvements

space pictureEmergency Medical Services building and Central Warehouse addition

space pictureTibbits Farm purchased (130 acres)

2007space pictureGarrahy, Wiley, and Eddy Halls

space pictureHope Commons Dining Hall

space pictureIEP House II

2008space pictureThe Harrington School of Communication and Media established

space pictureIndependence Hall renamed Swan Hall

space pictureLippitt Hall Renovation

space pictureKathleen M. Mallon Outreach Center dedicated

2009space pictureCenter for Biotechnology and Life Sciences

space pictureRobert L. Carothers Library and Learning Commons dedicated

space pictureOcean Science and Exploration Center and Pell Marine Science Library, Narragansett Bay Campus

space pictureDavid M. Dooley, President

2010space pictureRanger/Green Site Improvements

space pictureEdwards Hall Renovation

space picture

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