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2010-2011 Catalog Online

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University College

Jayne Richmond, Dean

Jessica Boisclair, Coordinator, Students in Transition Center

Dania Brandford-Calvo, Director, International Education

David Hayes, Coordinator, Academic Enhancement Center

Winifred Kelley, Coordinator, Advising Programs for Student Athletes

Linda Lyons, Coordinator, Advising Programs

Sarah Miller, Coordinator, Feinstein Center for Service Learning

Rebecca Murray, Coordinator, New Student Programs

Kimberly Washor, Coordinator, Internships and Experiential Learning

University College offers incoming students a broad range of advising services and the opportunity to explore the variety of courses and programs available at the University before they commit themselves to a major in a degree-granting college. All first-year students are enrolled in University College. Through its strong program of academic advising by faculty, University College’s purpose is to assist new students in making a smooth transition to the University and to provide special assistance, programs, and events for all students. Our “Early Alert“ program provides early intervention services to students wanting help with various personal or academic challenges in the transition to college.

Advisors, who have regular office hours at University College in Roosevelt Hall, are faculty members who represent each of the majors in the degree-granting colleges. Each student is assigned an academic advisor who is a specialist in the area in which the student intends to major or who has a particular interest in working with students who are undecided about their choice of major. Advisors help students select and schedule the right courses, become familiar with University procedures and programs, and obtain whatever assistance they need. They also help student-athletes.

For more information, visit or call 401.874.2993.

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