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2010-2011 Catalog Online

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Comparative Literature Studies (CLS)

Coordinator: Professor Leo

160 Literatures of the World

See English 160. (A) or (L) [D]

335 (or ENG 335) Interdisciplinary Studies in Comparative Literature (3)

Study of the interrelationships of two or more national literatures (in translation) with another discipline. (Lec. 3) May be repeated for credit as often as topic changes.

450 Studies in Comparative Literature (3)

Detailed study of a literary movement, genre, or an aspect of literature as seen in two or more literatures. (Lec. 3) Pre: 6 credits in literature or permission of instructor. May be repeated for credit as often as topic changes.

451 Advanced Topics in International Film Media (4)

See Film Media 451.

530 Approaches in Comparative Literature (3)

Study of theme/myth, movement/era, genre/forms in two or more literatures, or interrelations with other disciplines. (Seminar) Pre: graduate standing or permission of chairperson. May be repeated once with change of topic.

597 Special Problems (1-6)

Group and/or individual investigation of special problems in comparative literature studies. (Independent Study)

See other listings under English.

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