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2010-2011 Catalog Online

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Honors Program (HPR)

Director: Professor R. McIntyre )

Honors courses (HPR) are open only to eligible students. See "Honors Program" in this catalog or the Honors Program brochure for requirements. Sections of honors courses that have been approved for general education credit are marked.

For a complete listing of all honors courses, consult the Honors Program Web site at, or use the “Class Search” feature of e-Campus, choose “Additional Search Criteria” and type the word “Honors” in the field “Course Title Keyword.” Specific topics are listed in the Schedule of Courses.

107 Honors Seminar in Letters (3-4)

Exploration of themes and topics in the field of Letters. Topics include: “U.S. and Francophone Hip Hop Culture;” “Narratives of Ability and Disability;” and “Spain, the Jews, and the Inquisition.” (Seminar) (L)

108 Honors Seminar in Mathematics (3-4)

Exploration of topics and creative use of problem solving in mathematics. Topics include “Computer Forensics.” (Seminar) (MQ).

109 Honors Seminar in Natural Sciences (3-4)

Exploration of themes and topics in the natural sciences. Topics include “Biology for the Citizen.” (Seminar) (N).

110 Honors Seminar in Social Sciences (3-4)

Exploration of themes and topics in the social sciences. (Seminar) Topics include: “Psychology of Violence and Nonviolence” and “The Irish in Ireland, the United States, and Rhode Island.” (S)[D]

112 Honors Seminar in Writing (3-4)

Exploration of the elements of writing. (Seminar) (ECw)

119 Honors Seminar in Interdisciplinary Studies (3-4)

Topics include: “Loss in the Lives of Children and Adolescents.” (Seminar)

124 Honors Seminar in Fine Arts (3-4)

(Seminar) (A)

125 Honors Seminar in Literature (3-4)

Topics include “Origins of Fantasy.” (Seminar) (A)

201, 202 Honors Colloquium (3-4 each)

(Lec. 2-3, Rec. 1-2) May be repeated for a maximum of 8 credits each. Pre: GPA of 3.30 or better and one completed honors course, or permission of the director of the honors program. 201A, 202A (A); 201F, 202F (FC); 201L, 202L (L); 201M, 202M (MQ); 201N, 202N (N); 201S, 202S (S).

301, 302 Honors Tutorial Topic: Administrative Internship (1-4 each)

Experiential course that provides an opportunity for students to learn and practice administrative decision-making and to develop research skills in an administrative setting. Placements include Brown Medical School, the Institute for International Sport, RI Planned Parenthood, and the URI Honors program. 302: a continuation of 301. (Practicum) Pre: GPA of 3.50 or better and permission of the director of the honors program.

307 Honors Tutorial in Letters (3-4)

(Seminar) Pre: 3.30 GPA or better or permission of the director of the honors program. (L)

308 Honors Tutorial in Mathematics (3-4)

(Seminar) Pre: 3.30 GPA or better or permission of the director of the honors program.

309 Honors Tutorial in Natural Sciences (3-4)

(Seminar) Pre: 3.30 GPA or better or permission of the director of the honors program. (N)

310 Honors Tutorial in Social Sciences (3-4)

(Seminar) Pre: 3.30 GPA or better or permission of the director of the honors program. (S)

319 Honors Tutorial in Interdisciplinary Studies (3-4)

Topics include: “The Global Challenge of Emerging Infectious Diseases.” (Seminar)

324 Honors Tutorial in Fine Arts (3-4)

Topics include “Rebel Images in Film.” (Seminar) Pre: 3.30 GPA or better or permission of the director of the honors program. (A)

325 Honors Tutorial in Literature (3-4)

Topics include “Dwarves and Elves: The World According to Tolkien.” (Seminar) Pre: 3.30 GPA or better or permission of the director of the honors program. (A)

326 Honors Tutorial in Writing (3-4)

(Seminar) Pre: 3.30 GPA or better or permission of the director of the honors program. (ECw)

397 Honors Directed Study (1-4)

(Independent Study) Pre: 3.30 GPA or better or permission of the director of the honors program.

401, 402 Honors Project (3 each)

(Independent Study) Pre: permission of the director of the honors program.

411, 412 Honors Seminar (3-4 each)

Topics for 411 include “Controversies in Environmental Science” and “Film and Video Practicum.” (Seminar)

Following are honors sections of courses which may be taken for credit through the Honors Program. Courses approved for general education are identified.

African and African American Studies

408H Honors section of AAF 408: African Government and Politics

466H Honors section of AAF 466: Urban Problems

Art History

251H Honors section of ARH 251: Introduction to Art History: Ancient to Medieval (A) [D]

252H Honors section of ARH 252: Introduction to Art History: Renaissance to Modern (A), [D]


311H Honors Section of BCH 311: Introductory Biochemistry

Business Administration

140H Honors section of BUS 140: Introduction to Business

201H Honors section of BUS 201: Financial Accounting

315H Honors Section of BUS 315: Legal and Ethical Environment of Business I

320H Honors section of BUS 320: Financial Management

341H Honors section of BUS 341: Organizational Behaviors

365H Honors section of BUS 365: Marketing Principles

402H Honors section of BUS 402: Leadership and Motivation

445H Honors section of BUS 445: Strategic Management


226H Honors Section of CHM 226: Organic Chemistry Laboratory

227H Honors Section of CHM 227: Organic Chemistry Lecture I

228H Honors Section of CHM 228: Organic Chemistry Lecture II


101H Honors Section of CHN 101: Beginning Chinese I

Civil Engineering

323H Honors Section of CVE 323: Sustainable Solutions for Developing Communities

Communication Studies

100H Honors section of COM 100: Communication Fundamentals (EC), [D]

322H Honors section of COM 322: Gender, Communication, and Culture

361H Honors section of COM 361: Intercultural Communication

Community Service

302H Honors section of CSV 302: Community Service at URI 

Comparative Literature

335H Honors section of CLS 335: Interdisciplinary Studies in Comparative Literature


100H Honors section of ECN 100: Introduction to Economics (S), [D]


102H Honors section of EDC 102: Introduction to American Education (S) [D]


105H Honors section of EGR 105: Foundations of Engineering I

106H Honors section of EGR 106: Foundations of Engineering II

316H Honors section of EGR 316: Engineering Ethics (L) [D]


263H Honors Section of ENG 263: Introduction to Literary Genres-The Poem

265H Honors Section of ENG 265: Intro to Literary Genres: The Novel

335H Honors section of ENG 335: Interdisciplinary Studies in Comparative Literature

357H Honors Section of ENG 357: Literature and Medicine

485H Honors Section of ENG 485H: U.S. Authors

Film Media

101H Honors section of FLM 101: Introduction to Film Media (A), [D]


102H Honors section of GEO 102: Evolution and Extinction of the Dinosaurs (N)

Grand Challenges

102H Honors section of GCH 102: Grand Challenges in the Letters (L)

104H Honors section of GCH 104: Grand Challenges in the Social Sciences (S)true


305H Honors section of HIS 305: The Renaissance (L)

328H Honors section of HIS 328: The Holocaust

351H Honors section of HIS 351: Historical Perspectives on Women and Health (L) [D]

Human Development and Family Studies

434H Honors section of HDF 434: Children and Families in Poverty

471H Honors Section of HDF 471: Responding to Grief


110H Honors section of JOR 110: Introduction to Mass Media (L) or (S), [D]

230H Honors section of JOR 230: Introduction to Radio and Television News


108H Honors section of MTH 108: Topics in Mathematics (MQ]

Natural Resources Science

492H Honors Section of NRS 492: Special Projects


150H Honors section of NUR 150: Human Sexuality (S), [D]

360H Honors section of NUR 360: Impact of Death on Behavior (L), [D]

Pharmacy Practice

317H Honors Section of PHP 317: Pharmacy Practice in Contemporary Health Care


101H Honors section of PHL 101: Critical Thinking (Ec) or (L)

212H Honors section of PHL 212: Ethics (L) [D]

235H Honors section of PHL 235 Modern Thought: Philosophy and Literature (L)

325H Honors section of PHL 325: American Philosophy (L) [D]


203H Honors section of PHY 203: Elementary Physics I (N)

204H Honors section of PHY 204: Elementary Physics II (N)

205H Honors section of PHY 205: Elementary Physics III (N)

273H Honors section of PHY 273: Elementary Physics Laboratory I (N)

274H Honors section of PHY 274: Elementary Physics Laboratory II (N)

275H Honors section of PHY 275: Elementary Physics Laboratory III (N)

Political Science

341H Honors section of PSC 341: Political Theory: Plato to Machiavelli (L)

342H Honors section of PSC 342: Political Theory: Modern and Contemporary (L)

422H Honors section of PSC 422: International Political Economy

466H Honors section of PSC 466: Urban Problems


200H Honors section of PSY 200: Quantitative Methods in Psychology

300H Honors section of PSY 300: Quantitative Methods in Psychology

479H Honors section of PSY 479: Honors Topics in Psychology


360H Honors section of THN 360: Impact of Death on Behavior (L), [D]

471H Honors section of THN 471: Responding to Grief

Women’s Studies

490H Honors Section of WMS 490: Advanced Topics in Women’s Studies


104H Honors Section of WRT 104: Writing to Inform and Explain (ECw)

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