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2010-2011 Catalog Online

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Master’s in Business Administration (MBA)

Associate Deans: Professors Chen and Rosen

500 Statistical Methods for Management (3)

Introductory statistical methods applied to business problems. Topics include descriptive statistics, probability, distributions, inference, regression analysis, chi-square analysis, and introduction to time series. (Lec. 3) Graduate credit for students matriculated in the M.B.A. and M.S. in accounting programs only.

501 Computing for Management (2-3)

Computer concepts and programming using spreadsheet, database, presentation, communication, and other software packages. Emphasis on PC computing as an administrative and analytic tool for applications in management. (Lec. 2-3)

502 Organizational Behavior (3)

Examination of the theory, research, and practice of organizational behavior in work settings, focusing on individual differences, communications, group dynamics, motivation, and leadership in the workplace. (Lec. 3)

503 Financial Accounting (3)

Covers basic accounting principles, accounting systems design, and financial reporting issues. Focusing on financial statement analysis techniques necessary to accurately assess a company's financial position and results of operations. (Lec. 3) Pre: 500

504 Financial Management (3)

Functions and responsibilities of financial managers. Examination of financial statement analysis, cost of capital, capital structure, valuation, markets, capital budgeting, working capital, mergers, bankruptcy, multinational finance. (Lec. 3) Pre: 500, 503, ECN 590.

505 Managerial Marketing (3)

Analysis of marketing problems and determination of marketing policies in product development, promotion, pricing, channel selection, legal aspects. (Lec. 3) Pre: 500 or permission of instructor.

506 Mathematical Methods for Management (3)

Fundamental mathematical methods applied to the understanding and solution of managerial problems. Topics include the solution of systems of linear equations, differential calculus, and related areas. (Lec. 3) Graduate credit for students matriculated in the M.B.A. and M.S. in accounting programs only.

510 Managerial Accounting (3)

Determination of accounting information for the purposes of decision making, control, and evaluation with emphasis on decision models using accounting information. (Lec. 3) Pre: 500, 503.

520 Quantitative Methods for Management (3)

Survey of principal operations research/management science models. Linear programming, network, and other mathematical programming models; simulation, decision analysis, and other probabilistic models. (Lec. 3) Pre: 500 or waiver examinations.

530 Legal Environment of Business (3)

Coverage includes both substantive and procedural rules of law in the civil and administrative law field with emphasis on business, regulation, societal, and ethical issues. (Lec. 3) Pre: graduate standing.

540 Organizational Decision Making and Design (3)

Theory and skills development in strategic thinking and organizational design; use of critical analysis in the diagnosis of organizational and management problems. (Lec. 3) Pre: graduate standing.

550 Managing with Information Resources (3)

Concepts of information technologies and systems as they relate to the information-age organization. Major focus is on how the various information resources can be managed to facilitate organizational effectiveness. Topics include information and communication technologies, decision support and information systems, technology-enabled process re-engineering, and information architecture. (Lec. 3) Pre: permission of instructor.

555 Managerial Economics (3)

The applications of economic theory and methodology to business problems. (Lec. 3) Pre: 504, 520, 550, and 560 or permission of instructor.

560 Operations and Supply Chain Management /(3)

The management of manufacturing and service operations. Topics include flow processes, inventories, scheduling, capacity, and operations strategy. (Lec. 3) Pre: 500.

562 Global Supply Chain Management (3)

Examines the factors that impact the design and management of Global Supply Chains through strategic relationships and tactical activities. (Lec. 3) Pre: 560.

565 Strategic Management (3)

Case studies of management problems and evaluation of alternative solutions by integrating functional areas of business. Discussion of ethical, social, and regulatory environments in domestic and multinational firms. Includes the M.B.A. written comprehensive examination. (Lec. 3) Service learning. Pre: all MBA 500 first level courses or equivalent and a minimum of 21 MBA credits, which must include 502, 503, 504, and 505, or permission of instructor.

566 Security and Investment Analysis (3)

Analysis of the problems of investing funds and managing investments. Use of the latest investment theories and their implementation via quantitative techniques will be explored. (Lec. 3) Pre: 504 or equivalent.

567 Advanced Portfolio Theory and Security Analysis (3)

An examination of advanced theories and practices in portfolio building and maintenance. Issues related to security price behavior are also examined. (Seminar) Pre: 504 or equivalent.

568 Advanced Financial Theory (3)

Analysis of the theoretical framework for corporate decision making related to financial planning, capital budgeting decisions, dividend policy, and capital structure decisions. Emphasis on current research developments. (Seminar) Pre: 504 or equivalent.

569 Advanced International Financial Management (3)

Analysis of issues relevant to the international financial manager. The financial operations of multinational enterprises are examined through both the theoretical and the case approach. (Seminar) Pre: 504 or equivalent.

571 Labor Relations and Human Resources

See Labor Relations 500.

572 Human Resource Strategy

See Labor Relations 551

573 Staffing Organizations (3)

See Labor Studies 573

574 Consulting and Management Practice (3)

Review of the theory and practice of effective consulting and development of consultation skills. (Practicum) Pre: 502 or permission of instructor.

575 Seminar in Management (3)

Class discussion of typical cases, original research work in the field of management with discussion of data collected and analyzed by individual students. (Seminar) Pre: permission of dean.

576 Advanced Topics in Management (3)

Integrated approach to problems in major areas of business management with emphasis on administrative and executive viewpoint. (Seminar) Pre: permission of dean.

577 Compensation Administration (3)

Compensation and performance appraisal systems. Theory and techniques used to determine job worth. Special issues in compensation management, such as relating pay to performance through appraisal techniques and pay compression. (Lec. 3) Pre: MBA 502 or permission of instructor.

578 Human Resource Development (3)

Techniques used in procurement and development of human resource. Planning through recruitment, selection, and placement to training and development. Integration of HRD process with organizational strategic plans. (Lec. 3) Pre: 502 or permission of instructor.

579 International Business Management (3)

Examines the problems and characteristics of international management by focusing on the role of the multinational corporation in a cross-cultural setting. (Lec. 3) Pre: 502 or permission of instructor.

580 Management Systems Analysis and Design (3)

An overview of systems analysis and design, and its role in the development of information systems. Major focus is on the methodologies, techniques, and tools used to create successful information systems. (Lec. 3) Pre: 550 or permission of instructor.

581 Database Management Systems (3)

Design and analysis of complex multi-user databases used in real time business transaction processing. The class will contain discussion and examination of databases for strategic and tactical purposes. (Lec. 3)

582 Applied Time Series Methods and Business Forecasting (3)

Study of time series methods. Construction and use of autoregressive integrated moving averages (ARIMA) forecasting models. Applications to strategic decision actions. (Lec. 3) Pre: 500 or permission of instructor.

583 Seminar in Operations and Supply Chain Management (3)

Preparation and presentation of papers on selected topics in operations management and supply chain issues. (Seminar) Pre: 560.

584 Buyer Behavior (3)

Analysis of major factors influencing the behavior and demand of consumers. Emphasis on using these factors to identify and segment target markets and to assess the effects of these factors on markets. (Lec. 3) Pre: 505 or permission of instructor.

585 Marketing Research (3)

Marketing information needs and appropriate means of providing the requisite information are analyzed. Several major marketing decision areas and their research implications are examined in depth. (Lec. 3) Pre: 500, 505, 506, ECN 590, or permission of instructor.

586 International Marketing Management (3)

Marketing policy making for the multinational firm; organizing for international marketing; its opportunities, pricing, channels, promotion, and research. (Lec. 3) Pre: 505 or permission of instructor.

587 Product Management (3)

Development of product policies and strategies. Emphasis on organizing the marketing function to deal with various product-related activities including new product development, life cycle strategies, and product deletion. (Lec. 3) Pre: 505 or permission of instructor.

588 Marketing Communications Management (3)

Provides an in-depth knowledge base for developing effective and efficient strategic marketing communications. Covers communication objectives, strategies, and tactics, and explores when to use them. Pre: 505.

591, 592 Directed Study in Business (1-3 each)

Advanced work under the supervision of a faculty member arranged to suit the individual requirements of the student. (Independent Study) Pre: permission of instructor.

593, 594 Internship in Business Administration (3)

Participation in business administration under the field supervision of a sponsoring organization with evaluation by the College of Business Administration. (Independent Study) Pre: proposal approved by the College of Business Administration. S/U credit.

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