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2010-2011 Catalog Online

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Portuguese (POR)

Chairperson: Professor Hedderich (Languages)

101 Beginning Portuguese I (3)

Fundamentals of modern European Portuguese. Emphasis on standard pronunciation, development of familiarity with most common grammar structures, and acquisition of working vocabulary. (Lec. 3) Pre: no prior Portuguese is required. Will not count toward the language requirement if the student has studied Portuguese for more than one year within the last six years. (FC) [D]

102 Beginning Portuguese II (3)

Continuation of 101. Students enrolling in this course should have taken 101 or equivalent. (Lec. 3) (FC) [D]

103 Intermediate Portuguese I (3)

Intensive and extensive reading of moderately difficult Portuguese prose, review of grammar structures, idiomatic expressions, conversation practice based on readings. Students enrolling in this course should have taken 102 or equivalent. (Lec. 3) (FC) [D]

104 Intermediate Portuguese II (3)

Continuation of 103. Readings of more difficult texts. Class discussion and reports on supplementary readings. Students enrolling in this course should have taken 103 or equivalent. (Lec. 3) (FC) [D]

335 Topics in the Literature of the Portuguese-Speaking World (3 )

Selected topics in the literatures of continental Portugal and the adjacent islands, Brazil, Cape Verde, Angola, Mozambique. (Lec. 3) Pre: 206 or equivalent or permission of instructor. 205 or 206 may be taken concurrently with permission of instructor. May be repeated for credit as often as topic changes.

497 Directed Study (3)

For the advanced student. Individual study and reports on problems of special interest. (Independent Study) Pre: one 300-level course in Portuguese, acceptance of project by faculty member, and approval of chair. Not for graduate credit.

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