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2010-2011 Catalog Online

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Service Learning

The Feinstein Center for Service Learning recognizes the following courses as having a service learning component. Service learning is an alternative way of both teaching and learning about concepts or theories. All first-year students are introduced to service learning through their required URI 101, Traditions and Transformations course. The purpose of these courses is to help students make meaningful connections between academic course work and societal issues and needs within the community. The service work is profoundly connected to and enhanced by the specific course of study. Depending on the instructor, the service learning component may be an optional or required part of the course content.

Community Service (CSV)

101 Introduction to Cultural Competence

102 Cultural Competence Experiences

301 Course-Cased Community Service

Education (EDC)

456 Mathematics Methods in Elementary Teaching

Human Development and Family Studies (HDF)

203 Introduction to Work with Children

301 Curriculum in Early Childhood (3)

303 Early Childhood Practicum

434 Children and Families in Poverty

Landscape Architecture (LAR)

244 Basic Landscape Architecture Design

444 Landscape Architecture Studio III: Sustainable Design

445 Landscape Architecture Studio IV

Natural Resources Science (NRS)

309 Wildlife Management Techniques Laboratory

Nursing (NUR)

324 Medical-Surgical Nursing Practicum

344 Practicum in Childbearing and Reproductive Health Nursing

346 Practicum in Care of Clients and Families

434 Practicum in Nursing of Children

444 Practicum in Community Health Nursing

532 Practicum in Primary Health Care Nursing I

590 Directed Study and Practice in Advanced Clinical Nursing

Nutrition and Food Sciences Science (NFS)

394 Nutrition in the Life Cycle I

Pharmacy Practice (PHT)

340 IPPE I: A Health Care Service Learning Experience

Plant Sciences (PLS)

390 Irrigation Technology

Sociology (SOC)

497 Field Experience in Sociology

Women’s Studies (WMS)

150 Introduction to Women's Studies (some sections)

300 Field Experience in Women’s Studies

Writing (WRT)

304 Writing for Community Service

In addition to the courses listed above, specific topics in other courses and some temporary courses may also carry the Service Learning designation.

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