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STS - 95 has come to an end...
...safe and sound, home at last.

Welcome Back! It was Glorious!

135 Total Orbits !
Photo: Courtesy NASA

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It is with great pleasure that this site honors John H. Glenn, Jr.,
former and 'future' astronaut, and part of the crew
of the upcoming Space Shuttle mission, STS-95.
This historic 'return to space' launch is scheduled for
Thursday, October 29, 1998, at 2:00pm EST.

John Glenn

"Godspeed John Glenn"

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Photo: Courtesy NASA

This site is great fun for kids of all ages.  It's a fun-filled start into
Astronomy - the Science of the Stars and has lots of Space stuff too!

 It's the place to be if you're looking
for some fun-science and like space and astronomy.  Or, if you don't know
too much about space and astronomy and would like to know more,
it's the place to be - and, it's just good fun!

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