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Several Plant Pro (TV News Channel 10) and other TV segments have been filmed at our local demonstration sites.

More about TV segments.

A list of demonstration sites by location

A list of practices demonstrated by the sites

Choose the right plant:
sustainable landscaping - reducing the need for fertilizer, pesticides & water









Davisville 1 - sustainable plants

The Glen 1 - woodland edge

The Glen 2 - rock & water garden

Smith's Castle - 18th century garden

URI Botanical Gardens - renovation

Wickford Cove 1 - steep bank planting

Wickford Cove 2 - shade garden

Recyle yard waste / composting


The Glen 2

Smith's Castle

Responsible fertilizer & pesticide use: alternative white grub control

Davisville 1  

Water Wisely




Davisville 1 - soaker hose

The Glen 1 - sprinkler irrigation

URI Demonstration vegetable Garden - drip irrigation

Reduce runoff and soil erosion:
permeable paving alternatives, shoreland buffers,
livestock best management practices












Davisville 1 - border beds

Davisville 2 - permeable paving

The Glen 1 - permeable paving

Farm 1 - pasture management

Farm 2 - livestock yard management

Farm 3 - permeable paving

Smith's Castle - permeable paving

Smith's Castle - shoreland buffer

URI Botanical Gardens - renovation

Wickford Cove 3 - roof runoff / permeable paving

Pet waste management: in-ground dog waste disposal system Farm 3

Healthy lawn care and renovation



Davisville 1
Davisville 2

The Glen 1

Smith's Castle

Rain barrels



Davisville 1

Farm 2 - home made / barn

Farm 3 - home made / homestead

Smith's Castle

URI Demonstration vegetable Garden

Rain garden

NK Town Hall 1
NK Town Hall 2 

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Davisville Site -- click here for site map

Area 1: Front lawn and beds

*Beds of sustainable plants & border beds that reduce runoff

*Alternative pest control - white grubs

*Rain barrels & soaker hose

*Lawn renovation - healthy lawn care steps

Area 2: Back yard

*Permeable paving alternatives--using crushed stone for walkways and areas difficult to maintain in lawn

*Lawn renovation with shade tolerant grass mix and white clover

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Gilbert Stuart Road Site (Farm)
small acreage livestock farm

Area 1: Pasture management - sheep and poultry

Area 2: Livestock yard management & rain barrels

Area 3: Homestead

*pet waste managment using in-ground disposal system (dogs)

*home-made rain barrel - house

*permeable paving materials - driveway

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The Glen Site

Area 1: Front lawn and beds

*Beds of sustainable plants & naturalized areas (woodland edge)

*Crushed stone for erosion and runoff control

*Water wise management - proper lawn irrigation

Area 2: Back yard

*Rock and water garden: sustainable landscaping around existing site conditions

*composting with the soil maker composter

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North Kingstown Town Hall Demonstration Rain Garden

*Overview, photo gallery, and plants used

*Details on planning, design, and installation

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Smith's Castle Site

*Permeable paving alternatives: crushed stone walkways, parking lot and runoff control

*Shoreland Buffers

*Healthy Lawn Care


*Rain Barrel

*18th Century Garden

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Wickford Cove Site -- click here for site map

*Area 1: sustainable plantings on steep, coastal bank; minimizing difficult to maintain lawn area

*Area 2: shade gardening; bed of sustainable and native plants

*Area 3: Roof runoff control using crushed stone

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URI Cooperative Extension Demonstration Gardens

*URI Cooperative Extension Botanical Gardens:
2004 renovation project - southwest entrance of the gardens / bus stop

Sustainable landscape enhancement in an area subject to heavy foot traffic and exposure. Practices include use of native and sustainable plants, control of soil erosion and storm water runoff, the use of fencing, rock gardening (hardscaping) and permeable paving options to control foot traffic and allow for low maintenance.

*URI Master Gardener Vegetable Demonstration Garden: rain barrels and drip irrigation