Small Acreage Livestock



Food, fiber, fun and family

a blue ribbon

a dozen fresh eggs

a hand-knit sweater

a life lesson learned

a nuzzle from a furry friend...

these are some of the things we livestock owners value.

We want our children to experience farm life as our grandparents or we did.

Children learn life lessons about respect, responsibility, sportsmanship, food sources, the value of agriculture, the importance of resource stewardship, and many others.

Many large animal owners enjoy the wholesome feeling of hard work on the farm. Building a sturdy fence or mucking out the stalls, the daily interaction of feeding and caring for each animal - this provides a sense of accomplishment hard to match in an office.

Others may enjoy a trail ride on a sunny autumn afternoon or the thrill of competition and showmanship.

Many feel pride in feeding their families high quality food from animals raised under caring and healthy conditions.

to sum it all up, we livestock owners love what we do!




As we look into the issues of keeping livestock on small acreages, we consider the reasons people choose to do so. Raising healthy, productive animals goes hand-in-hand with protecting our families and the environment - it is all interconnected.

Education is the key

Learn more about managing manure, livestock yards and pastures and consider steps that you can take at home. Share this information with family, friends and peers.

Educate others about your animals, why you raise them and why they are important.

Take the time to introduce your animals to your neighbors. Help them to understand why they are valuable to you and the steps you are taking to protect our drinking water, families and animals.