Small Acreage Livestock



The following links provide examples of environmentally sound livestock management practices. Visit this site regularly as we will expand and add sites.

Rhode Island Sites

Gilbert Stuart Road Demonstration Site

1 acre farm in North Kingstown, RI. This farm served as a demonstration site from 2003 - 2006 as part of the initial Healthy Landscapes Education Program.

View examples of:

Pasture management - sheep and poultry

Livestock yard management and use of rain barrels

The Watson Farm - Historic New England, Jamestown, RI.

View examples of:

Pasture management - cattle and sheep




Beyond Rhode Island

University of Vermont - Vermont Pasture Network - horse pasture management and renovating horse paddocks with geotextiles and gravel.

Equestrian Land Conservation Resource - state of New York. View their "Keeping It Green" videos on manure, pasture and runoff management topics.

Rutgers Equine Science Center (State University of New Jersery) Ryders Lane Farm - Demonstration Horse Farm. View a variety of best management practices that protect water quality including manure, pasture and runoff managment.

Livestock and Land Program - State of California; non-profit partnership helping livestock and horse owners with implementing management practices.

Visit this site to see many great "before" and "after" photos for addressing horse manure, paddock and runoff management on challenging sites.

Horses for Clean Water - State of Washington; organization that provides education on horse keeping.

Visit their demonstration farms page for many examples of manure, paddock, and runoff management.