How to Manage
    wells & water resources
    the water cycle -
how water moves
    common livestock pollutants
    pond and stream buffers
    additional information - water resource protection


Look familiar?

The majority of small acreage livestock owners rely on private wells for drinking water.

Do you know what type of well you have or where it is located on the property?

Where is the well in relation to manure piles and livestock yards?

Do you know how to protect your private well and whether the water is safe to drink?

Click here for URI Home*A*Syst Private Well Protection information. Includes information on private well testing, treatment, upcoming workshops and numerous resources including fact sheets and a private well protection video.

Look familiar?

Photo courtesy of the USDA NRCS.

Many small acreage livestock owners have ponds, streams and wetlands on their properties.

Do you know why it is important to control animal access to these water resources and how to go about doing so?

Look familiar?

Photo courtesy of the Mid-Atlantic Equine Pasture Initiative.

Do you have wet spots or areas that flood on your property? Do you know why this happens?

Visit our wells and water resources pages to learn more about the water cycle - how water moves through the environment and how livestock activities can possibly pollute water resources - including your own drinking water well.

Visit our pages on manure, livestock yard and pasture management for steps you can take to protect your drinking water, families and animals.

View our fact sheets to learn more - including how to identify risks and plan solutions on your own farm.

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