Small Acreage Livestock



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University of Rhode Island:

URI College of the Environment and Life Sciences:

Cooperative Extension (CE) Home*A*Syst Program
Rhode Island 4-H Program
Dept. Fisheries, Animal and Veterinary Science
CE Water Quality Program
Dept. Natural Resources Science
Sustainable Agriculture Program
Kathleen M. Mallon Outreach Center
RI Agricultural Experiment Station

URI College of Arts and Sciences:
Dept. Communication Studies

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Rhode Island Agencies and Organizations:

The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (USDA NRCS)
Warwick, RI

RI DEM, Division of Agriculture

Eastern RI Conservation District
Northern RI Conservation District
Southern RI Conservation District

RI Resource Conservation & Deveopment Council
RI Rural Development Council

The Rhode Island Dairy Farms Cooperative
The Rhode Island Raised Livestock Association

The Rhode Island Sheep Cooperative
The Santana Center -- equine education and outreach

Historic New England, Watson Farm
Historic New England, Casey Farm

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Regional Programs:

Northeast States & Caribbean Islands Regional Water Center

The New England Small Farm Institute

The Northeast Grazing Guide -- Northeast Pasture Research and Extension Consortium, contains education resources on grazing management

Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education

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UConn Grass-based Meat Systems - Project of Northeast SARE, URI, UCONN, UMASS

UConn Soil Testing Lab

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University of Massachusetts Cooperative Extension Crops, Dairy, Livestock, Equine - Fact Sheets

UMass Soil and Plant Tissue Testing Lab

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The University of Vermont Center for Sustainable Agriculture

Vermont Pasture Network

University of Vermont Crops and Soils

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New Hampshire
University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension - Backyard Livestock Publications

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University of Maine Cooperative Extension - Livestock

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New Jersery
State University of New Jersey Rutgers - Equine Science Center

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New York
Equestrian Land Conservation Resource - state of New York. View their "Keeping It Green" videos on manure, pasture and runoff management topics.

Cornell University Small Farm Program

Dairy One - provides forage, milk and soil testing services including a link to equi-analytical laboratories which provides the horse industry with quality forage and feed analysis.

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PA Nutrient Management Program - look for small scale livestock operations

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The National Livestock and Poultry Learning Center

Small Farm Fact sheets

eXtension - Horsequest -- internet-based educational resources from over 70 universities throughout the nation. Providing objective, research-based information on horse care and management.

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