Small Acreage Livestock



Livestock on Small Acreages: Protecting Water Resources and Health
A Train-the-trainer Extension Education Program

During the fall 2006 through summer 2007, Project staff conducted a needs assessment with the target audience to identify knowledge and the barriers and incentives to adoption of livestock Best Management Practices.

Focus groups and mail surveys were conducted.

Needs Assessment Summary Report - August 2007

Focus group protocol and questions - January 2007

Mail surveys - adult and youth, April 2007

Survey summarized by age - youth / adult
Survey summarized by livestock type
Survey summarized by education level
Survey summarized by gender

Needs assessment results:
The results of the needs assessment is being used in combination with the expert knowledge represented on the project steering committee to develop the final content of the adoption-outreach educational program. The needs assessment summary report provides suggested educational program components. The educational tools will be developed with guidance from the URI Department of Communication Studies.