Small Acreage Livestock



Livestock on Small Acreages: Protecting Water Resources and Health
A Train-the-trainer Extension Education Program

Program summaries and accomplishments at a glance

Final Program Summary -
September 2006 - August 2010

Project Video - Keeping Livestock: Protecting Water Resources and Health

Annual Program Summary -
September 2009 - August 2010

Summative Program Evaluation -
June 2010 Summary
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Steering Committee
Trained 4-H Program Volunteers
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Annual Program Summary -
September 2008 - August 2009

Volunteer Training Program

Project Update -
September 2008 - February 2009

Annual Program Summary - September 2007 - August 2008

Project Update -
October - December 2007

Annual Program Summary - September 2006 - August 2007

Needs Assessment - 2007

USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture (formerly CSREES) National Water Quality Program Conferences
Project poster - February 2010
Project poster - February 2009
Project poster - February 2008
Project poster - January 2007

October 2009 - September 2010:

February 2009 - September 2009:

  • Trained volunteers deliver phase II adoption-outreach education.
  • Project staff monitor and support volunteer education delivery.
  • Project staff track program objectives and outcomes through program evaluation plan.
  • Project staff refine educational tools and methods based on program evaluation.
  • Continue development of Project video.
  • Developed a Project poster highlighting volunteer training program and attended the USDA CSREES National Water Quality Program Conference, St. Louis, MO, February 2009.

November 2008 - January 2009:

  • Conducted follow up workshop with trained volunteers to initiate phase II adoption-outreach education delivery and evaluate independent site assessments and fact sheet series, January 24, 2009.
  • Conducted volunteer training program on November 1, 2008. A second training was conducted on January 24, 2009.

September - October 2008:

January - August 2008:

  • Conducted volunteer outreach to RI 4-H Program.
  • Developed and populated Program website.
  • Developed volunteer training program materials and slideshow.
  • Developed a Project poster highlighting year one accomplishments and attended the USDA CSREES National Water Quality Program Conference, Sparks, NV, February 2008.

December 2007:

October 1, 2007: Steering Committee Meeting

September 2007:

Fall 2006 - Summer 2007: Conduct a Needs Assessment with livestock and horse owners in Rhode Island.

January 2007: USDA CSREES National Water Quality Program Conference - Project staff attended this annual conference with a poster about this Project.

October 2006:

  • Begin needs assessment of target audience.
  • Conduct education with freshman URI Animal and Veterinary Science Students (AVS 102).

September 2006: Form a Project Steering Committee and meet twice each year. First meeting held 1/5/07

On-going: Develop a formative evaulation plan to evaluate and refine education program and track program objectives and outcomes.

On-going: Provide periodic updates and develop and maintain website.