Small Acreage Livestock



A Gallery of 4-H Volunteer Educational Activities

Making an educational video - August 2009

Allie Calcagni canters her horse Cooper at Cornerstone Farm in Hopkinton, RI. Dana Neugent, a videographer with the URI Multimedia Production Group, films Allie and Cooper for an educational video about keeping livestock and horses on small acreages.


Austin Demers joins Allie in the ring riding Guinness. Austin and Allie are members of the 4-H club, 4-Ever Amigos. They both interviewed for this educational video to increase awareness about their experiences caring for and working with horses.


Diane Martin, owner of Cornerstone Farm and leader of the 4-Ever Amigos Club, talks about the joys and benefits of raising horses as well as the URI 4-H Program. She also provides insight on some of the land and manure management challenges on the farm and the steps she has taken to address them.


Diane leads Allie and Austin through a riding workout. Allie and Austin are responsible for various barn chores that include feeding, grooming, cleaning stalls and other basic care.

View our final video - Keeping Livestock: Protecting Water Resources and Health

4-H volunteers educating others

4-H Poultry Club Clinic

June 6, 2009, West Greenwich, RI.

Abbey Dallas - standing left - conducts the Build a Farm with Water Quality in Mind Activity.

25 4-H youth participated in the activity.


Lisa Dallas - standing left - staffs the URI livestock education display.

15 adults also attended the poultry club clinic.

Effective Presentations Workshop - Professor Judith Swift, URI Dept. of Communication Studies, conducts a workshop for 4-H volunteers.

May 21, 2009, Exeter Public Libary, RI.


RI Veterinary Technician Association Symposium.

May 16, 2009, Narragansett, RI. 70 people attended.

4-H Horse Hippology - Diane Martin conducts a workshop on manure management and pollution prevention using the URI Home*A*Syst Program groundwater model.

March 27, 2009, URI Peckham Farm. Over 20 adults, teens and youth attended the session.


RI Raised Livestock Association Annual Meeting.

March 18, 2009, West Greenwich, RI. Over 100 people attended.

4-H Sheep Clinic - Lisa, Samantha and Abbey Dallas staff the URI livestock education program display.

February 1, 2009, Chepachet, RI. 30 people visited the display.