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On News Channel 10 with Marion Gold, URI CE GreenShare Coordinator and Director of the Cooperative Extension Education Center

Drip Irrigation

Filmed at the URI East Farm Demonstration Vegetable Garden, this segment aired in July 2004 and featured the drip irrigation systems recently installed in the garden.

Plant Pro, Marion Gold was joined by URI Master Gardener Dick Perreault.

View additional examples of drip irrigation at the URI Master Gardener Demonstration Vegetable Garden, July 2004 located at the URI CE Botanical Gardens.

For more information about water conservation in the home landscape view our fact sheet, Water Wisely.

Master Gardener Dick Perreault explains the various parts of a drip irrigation system to Plant Pro Marion Gold. Some of the key elements of a drip irrigation system he is pointing out include the mainline, filter, valve, automatic control timer, and pressure regulators.

There are three zones or submain lines, each with their own pressure regulator. A backflow preventer is also an essential part of a drip irrigation system, and in this particular garden it is located at the main water source and is not part of the riser shown here in the garden.

Some of the newly installed drip tubing at the East Farm Demonstration Vegetable Garden.

Dick Perreault discusses the various drip irrigation system designs used in the garden.

Recently installed drip tubing at East Farm, being fed by a plastic submain line.

A mister, one of the several types of drip irrigation emitters used in the Demonstration Vegetable Garden.

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