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On News Channel 10 with Marion Gold, URI CE GreenShare Coordinator and Director of the Cooperative Extension Education Center

Sustainable plantings and runoff control -- Wickford Cove Demonstration Site

Filmed at the Wickford Cove Demonstration site, this segment airs October 2 & 6, 2004 and features information on sustainable landscape options for a residential home landscape that lies on a coastal water body.

In the segment, Plant Pro Marion Gold is joined by URI Cooperative Extension Water Quality Coordinator, Alyson McCann. Topics include native and sustainable plants used to stabilize a steep, coastal bank and a perennial shade bed, as well as roof runoff control.

For more information on these topics view our healthy landscapes fact sheets, choose the right plant for the right spot and reducing runoff.

Native and sustainable plants are used to replace steep lawn area with a low-maintenance buffer that maintains view and access. visit our Wickford Cove Demonstration site to learn more.

Plant Pro, Marion Gold and URI CE Water Quality Program Coordinator, Alyson McCann, discuss the potential impacts to water resources from typical yard and garden care activities and the benefits of a vegetative buffer.

A crushed stone pad, bordered by hosta plants, helps to settle roof runoff and reduce ponding and erosion from a large, peaked roof area that is not conducive to roof gutters. See Wickford Cove Demonstration site for more information.

This segment also discussed a 1,500 sq. ft. shade bed that was installed along the front of the property. These native and sustainable plants were selected for shade tolerance and for providing year-round variety. These plants also require less inputs than a conventional lawn. See Wickford Cove Demonstration site for more information.

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