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On News Channel 10 with Marion Gold, URI CE GreenShare Coordinator and Director of the Cooperative Extension Education Center

Water conservation techniques -- Davisville Demonstration Site

Filmed at the Davisville Demonstration site, this segment airs October 9, 2004 and features information on sustainable landscape options for a residential home landscape that conserve water.

In the segment, Plant Pro Marion Gold is joined by URI Cooperative Extension Water Quality Coordinator, Alyson McCann. Topics include the use of rain barrels to capture and store roof runoff, the use of rain gauges, soaker hose, and mulched beds of sustainable plants to conserve water.

Topics also include the use of permeable paving options in areas that are hard to maintain in lawn, and a lawn renovation with sustainable grass mixes that require less water.

Rain barrels are used to capture roof runoff. The water is gravity fed to a soaker hose that waters mulched perennial beds of sustainable and drought tolerant plants. visit our Davisville Demonstration site to learn more.

Plant Pro, Marion Gold and URI CE Water Quality Program Coordinator, Alyson McCann, discuss a crushed stone walkway that replaced difficult to maintain lawn area between existing perennial beds, as well as lawn renovation that included sustainable, drought tolerant grass species. Visit our Davisivlle Demonstration site to learn more.

The importance of using a rain gauge to measure rainfall and schedule irrigation applications was addressed.

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