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On News Channel 10 with Marion Gold, URI CE GreenShare Coordinator and Director of the Cooperative Extension Education Center

North Kingstown Town Hall Demonstration Rain Garden

A beautiful way to protect Narragansett Bay and replenish your water Supply.

This segment aired August 26 and 30, 2006 and was filmed at the North Kingstown Town Hall's Demonstration Rain Garden and monitors the progress of the garden over one year since installation.

In this segment, Plant Pro Marion Gold is joined by URI Cooperative Extension Water Quality Specialist, Holly Burdett.

For more information about this demonstration rain garden, click here. visit our rain garden page for more information on planning and designing your own rain garden including a suggested plant list. For more information about the Town of North Kingstown's drinking water resources, click here.

The rain garden was installed May 2, 2005 and over one year later, Holly Burdett reports that the garden has performed impressively, handling heavy rain events that have occurred over the last year and infiltrating the water into the ground. Holly and Marion also discuss the plants featured in the garden and remind viewers of stormwater runoff concerns.

The garden that adorns the North Kingstown Town Hall's front lawn provides more than a pleasing array of ornamental shrubs and plants. It protects the environment and serves as a demonstration rain garden.

A rain garden is a natural or dug shallow depression designed to capture and soak up stormwater runoff from your roof or other impervious areas around your home like driveways, walkways, and even compacted lawn areas. In addition to adding beauty to your home landscape, rain gardens reduce stormwater runoff from your property and replenish groundwater.

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