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Sustainable Landscaping Factsheets:

The Basics for a Healthy Landscape:
Choose the right plant for the right spot
Recycle your yard waste
Use fertilizers and pesticides responsibly
Water wisely
Reduce runoff from your yard & increase groundwater recharge
Reduce soil erosion. Keep it planted and mulched.
Pick up after your pets
Use and dispose of fuels and hazardous products properly

Additional Factsheets:
Drip Irrigation for the Home Garden
Groundwater is vital to North Kingstown's way of life
Healthy Lawn Care and Renovation
How to build and install a rain barrel
Rain Barrels
Rain Gauges: Your most important garden tool
Rain Gardens:Enhancing your home landscape & protecting water quality
Brochure -- Town of North Kingstown Demonstration Rain Garden (click here for print version of brochure)

White Grub Control - Alternative control of the oriental beetle: Mass Trapping & Mating Disruption

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Other URI CE Home*A*Syst Program factsheets - residential pollution prevention:

What you can do about Nonpoint source pollution
Household Hazardous Products
Pet Waste
Shoreland Buffers
Water Conservation in and Around the Home

Home Landscape Improvements for Water Quality Protection

Small Acreage Livestock Factsheet Series

Today's Forest, Tomorrow's Legacy: A Guide for Small Acreage Woodland Owners.

Private Drinking Water Well Protection Series

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Other URI Resources:

URI CE GreenShare factsheets cover a variety of lawn and garden topics, including the Sustainable Trees and Shrubs listing.

URI CE Coastal Landscapes Program - includes a RI Coastal Plant Guide.

URI CE Brochure - Safe Use of Rain Barrel Water in the Vegetable Garden

URI Master Gardener Program - gardening fact sheets

URI Nonpoint Education for Municipal Officials -- visit their publications page to view their porous pavement series, rain garden guides, and stormwater training materials.

RI Stormwater Solutions Website

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Healthy Landscapes Final Report
Cultivating Change: engaging community participation in water quality protection

Healthy Landscapes Annual Report Summaries
Year One, September 2002 - August 2003

Year Two, September 2003 - August 2004
Year Three, September 2004 - August 2005
Year Four, September 2005 - August 2006

Town of North Kingstown MANAGE Summary

General information about the Healthy Landscapes Education Program

URI Healthy Landscapes Small Acreage Livestock Education Program