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2015: January 15 (am)

Recent Advances in OWTS - WT190


2015: January 15 (pm)

Nitrogen Dynamics - OWT160


2015: January 22

Innovative and Alternative Tech. - OWT105





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Onsite Wastewater Factsheets

Several factsheet series have been developed in order to provide homeowners, municipal officials, and interested community members with information about onsite wastewater treatment. The factsheets listed on this page are only those created by the OWT Program. For a full list of publications developed the Cooperative Extension Water Quality Group, follow the blue publications link at the top of this page.

Onsite Wastewater Treatment System Maintenance Issues - Inspections and Upgrades


How to Hire a Contractor for Septic System Installation or Repair
Recommended Upgrades for Your Septic Tank
What You can do to Extend the Life of Your Septic System
What to Expect During a Septic System First Maintenance Inspection
What to Expect During a Septic Tank Pump-Out

What to Expect During a Septic System Routine Maintenance Inspection

Maintaining Your Septic System

Maintaining Your Septic System Part 2

Septic System Additives

Access Risers and Effluent Filters

Frequently Asked Questions (ISDS)

Additives And Your Onsite Wastewater Treatment System
Do You Really Need A Maintenance Contract?
To view or order a 3-volume wastewater manual series (Choosing a Wastewater Treatment System; Alternative Wastewater Treatment for Individual Lots; and A Creative Combination: Merging Alternative Wastewater Treatment with Smart Growth) visit the publications page of the RI NEMO website.



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