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Advisory Committee Meeting Archive

This page is a resource for those people who are involved with the Stormwater Advisory Committee. The links below offer contact information for committee members, details about various ad hoc committees that evolve throughout the life of the project, and details about committee meetings:

Stormwater Advisory Committee Members (PDF)

Ad Hoc Committees

Meeting Agendas and Materials

Ad Hoc Committees
Committee Name Date Comments Are Due Materials (PDFs)
Municipal Workshop Oct. 9, 2008

Comments and Response

Draft Agenda For Review

Erosion Sediment Control: Installation, Maintenance, Inspection February 20, 2008

Workshop Handouts:


Block and Gravel Inlet Protection

Fabric Drop Inlet Protection

Hay Bale Barrier

Mulch For Seed


Outlet Stablilization

Rock Dam

Sediment Fence

Temporary Slope Drain

Erosion Control Blanket

Permanent Seeding

Temporary Seeding

Stormwater Management at Your Public Works Facility: Employee Training

November 2, 2007 Outline of Training
Statewide Campaign Logos/Taglines October 12, 2007 For Your Review: Statewide Campaign Logos and Taglines
Municipal Outreach Strategies Committee October 12, 2007 For Your Review: Municipal Outreach Strategies
LID Workshop Planning Committee

Committee timeline: March 26 through May 22, 2007 (approximately 8 weeks total, actual time investment minimal)

First meeting set for April 4th, 2007, 1pm at RIDEM Providence Offices Room 280

Committee Charge and Directions for Participation

AdHoc LID attach

Municipal LID Ordinances and Outreach Committee Committee timeline: May 8 trhough July 13, 2007 (10 weeks total, actual time investment moderate) Committee Charge and Directions for Participation
TR55 Workshop Planning Committee Committee timeline: March 29 through May 10, 2007 (7 weeks total, actual time investment very minimal) Committee Charge and Directions for Participation
DEM Manual Standards for treatment and infiltration in critical areas    
Minimal Municipal Measures (3M)    
Stormwater Message Comments on survey due by June 14, 2006. (Completed)

Join by June 9, 2006.
To sign up, e-mail Marie Esten at (Completed)

Ad Hoc Committee response to survey

Description of the committee's charge

Meeting Agendas and Materials

Meeting Date Agenda Meeting Minutes and Documents (PDFs)
May 13, 2008 agenda


Statewide Stormwater Survey Summary

Focus Group Summary

PowerPoint Presentation

Sept. 28, 2007 agenda



-RI Municipality Stormwater Survey Summary

-Suggested Website Outline

-Outreach Strategies (see table below)

Note that FS indicates factsheet and PR indicates press release.

Strategy Supporting Documents Research
Business Pollution Prevention

Business check-list
Business letter
Business meeting letter
IDDE ordinance
FS for muni officials
FS for residents-preadoption
PR-proposed ordinance
PR-new ordinance

FS for residents-post-adoption

Pet Waste

PR-proposed ordinance
PR-passed ordinance
Bags-on-Board "Coupon"
Bags-on-Board record
Waste station record

Stormdrain Marking PR-Marking project
Permission form
Used Oil & Household Haz. Waste   Research


-Background on statewide messages

-Outline of stormwater education messages

-Review forms (Stormwater Education Messages, Municipal Outreach Strategies)


June 1, 2006 PDF - Minutes

- Graph depicting Stormwater Advisory Committee Membership

- RIDEM Phase II fact sheets and status report

- Slides from presentation "Caution, Cute can be dangerous!", A review of National Stormwater Outreach Efforts

- Advisory Committee Survey

- URI Stormwater Phase II Public Outreach, Education, Involvement and Participation Project, Scope of Work and Timeline (Condensed) April, 2006

- Support to RI Municipalities in Complying with Phase II Minimum Measures, Draft May 2006

- Stormwater Message Ad Hoc Committee description

-Response to questions raised after presentation on National Outreach

-Advisory Committee Needs/Input Summary (of survey)


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