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Archive of Workshops

The events shown below include workshops that were offered to Rhode Island's MS4s and other Project Partners. For details about any of these workshops, please visit the RI NEMO Workshops webpage.

Date and Time Location Description
August 27, 2009 URI Kingston Campus Controlling Construction Site Runoff: Are Your Ordinances and Policies Making The Grade?
August 13, 2009 URI Kingston Campus Stormwater Education Training Using The Enviroscape Watershed Module
July 28, 2009 URI Kingston Campus Improving the Environment From Your Backyard: Training Master Gardeners
June 4, 2009 URI Kingston Campus Workshop: Informational Session About the Draft RI Stormwater Design and Installation Standards Manual
Spring/Summer 2009 URI Kingston Campus Small Stormwater Education and Outreach Work Groups


November 13, 2008


URI Kingston Campus Workshop: Reaching Out To Residents: Municipal Strategies for Public Stormwater Involvement
April 29, 2008 URI Kingston Campus Workshop: Stormwater System Maintenance
April 24, 2008 URI Kingston Campus Workshop: Recent Advances in Lawn and Landscape Management
February 27, 2008
March 10, 2008
URI Kingston Campus Workshop: Everything You Need to Know About Erosion and Sediment Control: Installation, Maintenance and Inspection
December 12, 2007 URI Kingston Campus Workshop: Stormwater Management At Your Public Works Facility- Employee Training
May 10, 2007 RI DEM Office, Providence, RI Workshop: TR-55 For Plan Reviewers
April 24, 2007 URI Narragansett Campus, Coastal Institute Workshop: Making an impact with low impact development: helping RI communities use the lessons learned from existing projects
July 25, 2006 URI Narragansett Campus GPS Workshop 2
June 15, 2006 URI Kingston Campus GPS Workshop 1


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