Source Water Assessments

A model for Public Education and Participation

URI Cooperative Extension and The RI Department of HEALTH developed a public participation component of the Source Water Assessment Program (SWAP). The goal was to involve residents, community leaders and other groups in identifying local land use and drinking water concerns and goals in order to tailor the Source Water Assessments allowing them to be as useful a tool as possible. Local residents were also invited to provide up to date land use information for conducting the assessments. The following summaries provide details on the process used and the overall results of this phase. This phase of the SWAP was headed up by the URI CE Home*A*Syst Program.

A Model for Public Education and Participation

Results for Public Participation Phase

The Land Use Inventory The Introductory Meeting General Outreach

SWAP Training Slide Show

Materials for volunteers
Executive Summary
Land Use Inventory Instructions
Land Use Inventroy Map Example
High Risk Land Use Codes
High Risk Land Use Table Example
High Risk Land Use Table
New Land Use Table Example
New Land Use Table
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For collection day
Collection List
Evaluation Form
Thank You Letter
Volunteer Credit Letter


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