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Treatment Technology: Single pass peat filter
Peat media filters consist of a distribution system, peat media, and an under-drain system. Peat filters typically come in pre-fabricated modular units made of fiberglass or high-density polyethylene. Some filters are gravity-fed, using a tipping distribution-box mechanism. Others are pressure-dosed using either demand-dosed or time-dosed pumps. Types of peat material are sphagnum peat (from North America) and coarse fibric peat (from Ireland). After effluent passes through a peat filter, it can be pressure-dosed or gravity-fed to the drainfield dispersal component.
A treatment train containing a peat filter
Wastewater leaves the home through the building sewer (A) flowing by gravity to the processing tank (B), where solids, fats, oils, and greases are trapped and stored. Wastewater is dosed to the peat filter (C), where the peat media and microorganisms reduce the strength of the wastewater. The effluent flows by gravity to a pump chamber (D). The effluent is pumped to shallow narrow drainfield lines (E) for final dispersal into the shallow surface soils where further nutrient removal and pathogen reduction may occur. Some peat filters are used in the bottomless form, as a means of final dispersal to the soil environment; this configuration is not approved for use in Rhode Island.
Treatment performance observed for peat filters in RI
% TN Reduction
Fecal Coliform
Waterloo Biofilter
For more information on peat filters:
Web Links: This technology is a proprietary device under the trade name Puraflo Peat Biofilter, manufactured and distributed by Bord Na M?na – Environmental Products USA, Inc. For further information about this technology, see the vendor website at www.bnm-us.com.
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