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Block Island / Green Hill Pond Watershed Wastewater Demonstration Project

A community effort to protect, recycle, and sustain local water resources.

The goal of the Block Island/Green Hill Pond (BIGHP) Project was to establish comprehensive local wastewater management programs in the three participating communities, using a watershed approach and selective use of advanced treatment systems in high risk areas to protect critical groundwater supplies and sensitive coastal waters. The project was a joint effort by the towns of New Shoreham (Block Island), South Kingstown, and Charlestown, in partnership with URI Cooperative Extension Water Quality Program.
The project was a success, and it resulted in a collection of resources that can assist the development of other wastewater management programs. Some of those resources include sample wastewater management plans, ordinances, educational materials, and technical resources for the use of advanced systems.

To access these resources, please visit our Wastewater Management Toolkit.

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Summary of Accomplishments

Final Project Team

Importance of the Project

Scope of Work

Work Plans


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