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Previous Workshops

Fall 2007/Spring 2008 Series
Wastewater Management Made Easy! Shape Up Your Program in 3 Practical Sessions

Series Overview: Are you concerned about managing onsite systems in your community? Whether you are interested in educating system owners, or implementing a complete inspection and repair program, this series will provide your staff or consultants with the most practical methods for selecting your management approach and beginning to build a database of wastewater systems in your community using the RI Wastewater Information System (RIWIS). This series provides step-by-step instruction and technical support to create a database, select notices and forms to suit your needs, and begin using RIWIS to efficiently communicate with system owners and maintenance providers.


July 26, 2007
RIWIS- Tracking Onsite System Inspections, Operation and Maintenance Using a Statewide Database


March 14, 2006
Local Wastewater Management: Starting It, Running It, and Clearing the Hurdles

This one-day workshop highlighted the struggles and successes of Rhode Island communities who have effectively implemented comprehensive wastewater management programs to protect public health and sensitive water resources from a watershed perspective.

For additional details, see the flyer (PDF), detailed agenda (PDF), and speakers (PDF).

Presentations from the workshop:

Local Wastewater Management: Starting It, Running It, and Clearing the Hurdles Introduction

Clearing Mapping the Course: Progress in managing decentralized wastewater treatment systems Brian Moore, Department of Environmental Management

Reviewing History, Shaping the Future: Charlestown's Wastewater Management Program Diane Johnson, Onsite Wastewater Specialist, Charlestown;

Starting a Local ISDS Inspection, Maintenance, and Upgrading Program Ray Nickerson, Principal Planner, South Kingstown

Managing the present, protecting the future: A Glimpse Into Jamestown’s Wastewater Management Program Justin Jobin, Wastewater Management Consultant, Jamestown

Know Where the Finish Line Is Before the Race Begins: Selecting appropriate performance goals and treatment options George Loomis, New England Onsite Wastewater Training Center;

Investigating The Relationship Between Soil Morphology and Water Table Levels Mark Stolt, URI Department of Natural Resources Science; Charles P. Morgan

Nitrogen and Phosphorus Treatment and Leaching from Shallow Narrow Drainfields Steven Holden, Mark Stolt, George Loomis, and Arthur Gold, URI Department of Natural Resources Science

Developing Effective Programs Through Targeted Communication: A Look Into Jamestown’s Education and Outreach Program
Justin Jobin, Wastewater Management Consultant, Jamestown

South Kingstown’s Home - Grown ISDS Tracking Software Carol Baker, GIS Specialist, South Kingstown

Block Island ISDS Tracking Database Development and GIS Applications Martha Roldan, GIS Administrator, Block Island; Carol Baker, GIS Specialist, South Kingstown

A History Lesson in Septic System Tracking in Charlestown Diane Johnson, Onsite Wastewater Specialist, Charlestown

Database Management Program for Innovative/Alternative On-site Sewage Treatment Systems Susan Rask, Barnstable County Department of Health and Environment

Jamestown High Groundwater Table Ordinance Lisa Bryer, Jamestown Town Planner

Additional Information:

Block Island Overview

What Septic System Owners Need to Know About the Proposed South Kingstown Onsite Wastewater Management Ordinance and Regulations


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