Private Well Tip Sheets

These tip sheets will help you learn about your well water.

1. Are you a smart well owner? - Learn about how to protect your well, what to test for and where to have your water tested.

14 Tip Sheets about harmful substances in well water

2. Arsenic

3. Bacteria

4. Beryllium

5. Copper

6. Fluoride

7. Iron and Manganese

8. Lead

9. Man-made chemicals

10. MtBE

11. Nitrate and Nitrite

12. pH

13. Radon

14. Sodium and Chloride

15. Sulfate and Hydrogen Sulfide

10 Tip Sheets about well water treatment

16. Need to treat your well water? Learn and ask about choices.

17. Activated Carbon Treatment

18. Aeration Treatment

19. Bleaching Your Well

20. Distillation Treatment

21. Ion Exchange Treatment

22. Microfiltration Treatment

23. Ozone Treatment

24. Reverse Osmosis Treatment

25. Ultraviolet Radiation Treatment

Additional topics

26. Hiring a Private Wel Driller or Pump Installer

27. Understanding How Much Water Your Well Produces (Well Yield)

Prevent Pollution and Protect Your Drinking Water

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