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Private Well Maintenance and Protection

Germs, chemicals, and toxic waste on or in the ground can pollute water under the ground. You might not see, smell, or taste them. Knowing where your well is in the yard and what is going on around it can help you to better protect your drinking water.

Go out to your well. While standing at it, take a look at what is going on right around the area of your well.

Notice where you:

  • Store and use fertilizers and pesticides
  • Store gasoline or other fuel products
  • Park the car, keep the lawn mower and other fuel equipment
  • Allow the dog or other animals to roam

All of these things can impact your drinking water quality. Depending on what you find, you may want to make some changes. For example, fill your lawn mower at least 20 feet from your well.

A video about naturally occuring and man-made groundwater pollution sources
and their pathways of contamination.

A video about the steps to take to protect the quality of your private well water.


Important Protection Tips


Additional resources:

For more information contact Alyson McCann, Program Coordinator
Phone: 401-874-5398
E-mail: alyson@uri.edu


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