Private Well Water Treatment

After you have had your drinking water tested at a certified lab and have received your results, you are ready to determine if you need a water treatment system.

Some water quality problems can be quick and easy to fix. Others take longer and cost more. Contact us to better understand your test results or learn how to fix a well water problem.

Do your homework before you buy a water treatment system. Treatment systems are designed to fix specific problems and you need to make sure you buy the right one to solve your problem.

  1.  Get at least 3 quotes from treatment professionals.

  2. Determine whether the treatment product has been rated by the National Sanitation Foundation, International or other 3rd party organization. 

    NSF, International is a non-profit group that sets performance standards for water treatment equipment.  They evaluate test results for treatment equipment to determine if manufacturers’ claims are realistic. 

  3. Know what is included in the purchase price of the treatment system. 



For more information contact Alyson McCann, Program Coordinator
Phone: 401-874-5398


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