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Today's Forest, Tomorrow's Legacy

Introduction Woodscaping: land stewardship for small forested properties
Fact Sheet 1 A well-kept forest is a legacy: Rhode Island forests…past, present & future
Fact Sheet 2 Why do foresters talk the way they do?
Fact Sheet 3 Where do I begin? A forest is more than a bunch of trees
Fact Sheet 4 Working for forest resources & health
Fact Sheet 5 Working for biodiversity and protection from invasive species
Fact Sheet 6 Working for clean, plentiful water
Fact Sheet 7 Working for wildlife habitat
Fact Sheet 8 Working for recreation & aesthetics
Fact Sheet 9 Working for renewable forest resources
Fact Sheet 10 Working for alternative forest products
Fact Sheet 11 Working with your neighbors - reconnecting forest fragments
Rhode Island Forest History Learning from the past
Woodland Area Inventory Sheet Record property features, water resources, tree species, soils, wildlife, forest health symptoms, etc.
Woodland Area Map Sheet to sketch property/plans
Record of Woodland Area Plans and Activities Record goals, action items, and dates
Glossary Commonly used forestry and natural resource terms
For more information assistance Summary of all the contacts and resources listed throughout each fact sheet

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For more information contact Alyson McCann, Program Coordinator
Phone: 401-874-5398
E-mail: alyson@uri.edu


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