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Watershed Assessment Tools

This page offers introductory information about, and links to, tools that further the understanding of issues associated with development and land use.

Site Assessment Mapping
Pollution Risk Assessment Methods
Mapping Links and Resources


Site Assessment Mapping
Beginning with the simplest and moving towards more complex analysis, the following tools offer users various methods for assessing a potential development site.

  • Rapid Site Assessment
    This method can be used as a general overview of site-level contstraints. There are two levels of site review possible with this method; the first uses internet-based mapping resources, while the second requires the use of GIS software. The first level is ideal for a quick overview of the site's potential constraints. The second level provides more detailed analysis.
  • GIS for Conservation Development
    Information on using GIS in conservation development is currently being developed in cooperation between RI NEMO and RIDEM.


Pollution Risk Assessment Methods

  • SubLoad Model
    This is a simple Excel-based model that predicts nutrient load and runoff for development projects.
  • MANAGE Method (Method for Assessment, Nutrient-loading, And Geographic Evaluation)
    This is a Geographic Information System (GIS)-based tool that informs decisions about risks associated with land use. This method utilizes ArcView.

Mapping Links and Resources

  • Rhode Island Map Resources Links
  • Links for Learning About GIS
  • Join Tables and Technical Documentation (specifically used with the MANAGE method)

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