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Welcome to RI NEMO

Supporting local decision makers in the management of land use impacts on natural resources

What is NEMO?
NEMO stands for Nonpoint Education for Municipal Officials. NEMO is a national network, with programs in over 30 states. We are the only Rhode Island NEMO Program. Our goal is to provide decision makers with the skills and resources that they need to identify local water quality problems and to adopt effective pollution controls. We offer training in the science, management, and regulation of water resources for community leaders and volunteer board members. Our educational programs are available throughout the year, and they range from evening or one-day workshops to intensive, small group trainings. All of our programs are tailored to meet the participants' interests and needs. Check out our resources using the links to the left.


Our Staff

Lorraine Joubert Lisa DeProspo Philo
Program Director Communications Specialist
e-mail: ljoubert@uri.edu e-mail: lphilo@uri.edu
tel: 401.874.2138 tel: 401.874.5687
Art Gold  
Faculty Research Advisor  
e-mail: agold@uri.edu  
tel: 401.874.2903  

Our Mission

URI NEMO provides training, application of local watershed assessment tools, and follow-up technical support to municipal officials, as they manage the environmental impacts of changing land use. Our goal is to provide local land use decision makers with the skills and resources needed to: identify pollution problems, assess impacts to local water resources, and adopt effective pollution controls.

Our Approach

  • Technical support - RI NEMO provides direct technical support to Rhode Island municipalites dealing with increasing development pressures though assistance in writing ordinances, modeling potential effects of development on sensitive resources, and acting as resource for general land use questions.
  • Educational programs - We offer programs ranging from half-day workshops to intensive multi-session short courses tailored to the needs of local officials.
  • Research - RI NEMO staff are key members of large, state and federal research projects dealing with such diverse issues as wastewater management, stormwater management, and drinking water protection.

Our Accomplishments

RI NEMO has worked with over 90% of Rhode Island communities since inception in 1993. Providing support to the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Managment, Rhode Island Department of Transportation, Coastal Resources Management Council and RI HEALTH, RI NEMO is working on various projects of importance to the future of Rhode Island.

Our Partners

New England Regional Project - RI Office of Municipal Affairs - RI HEALTH - RI Department of Environmental Management - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - Grow Smart Rhode Island - RI Chapter American Planning Association - Natural Resource Conservation Service - and others.

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