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URI Watershed Watch Monitoring Data and Results

The URI Watershed Watch Program produces quality data for a broad range of parameters for over 200 monitoring sites statewide. Produced using well established methods, and processed in state certified laboratories, this information is used by the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management for assessing the State's waters, as well as by municipal governments, associations, consulting firms and residents for more effective management of local resources. Click here for our Field and Laboratory Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPP).

Available monitoring data includes the following parameters:

Water Clarity
(Secchi depth - lakes, ponds some marine sites)
Chlorophyll (lakes and ponds)
Water Depth Total and Dissolved Phosphorus
Water Temperature Total, Nitrate-, and Ammonium- Nitrogen
Dissolved Oxygen (deep sites/streams) Chloride
pH Fecal coliform and enterococci bacteria
Alkalinity Salinity (estuarine sites)

Click here for links to the monitoring data

Sample collection interval is dependant upon volunteer effort and monitoring environment (i.e. bacteria available monthly for rivers, tri-seasonally for lakes and ponds).

Water quality data is available online as pdf documents, or upon request in either hard copy or in electronic spreadsheet form. In addition annual/biennial reports covering 1988 through 1998 are housed in numerous local libraries, as well as the Pell Marine Library at URI's Narragansett Bay Campus.

To request data, contact:
Elizabeth Herron, RM 105 CIK, One Greenhouse Rd.
, Kingston, RI 02881
phone: (401) 874-4552, fax: (401) 874-4561, email: emh@uri.edu

We are actively working to get both the current and legacy data onto our website. Starting in 2002, we began posting bacteria data, with results usually posted within one week of sample collection. We try to have Secchi depth, chlorophyll and temperature/dissolved oxygen data charts available as soon after the end of a monitoring season as possible, and will continue adding older data as time permits.

If you don't see data for your monitoring site, please contact us - it may just be an oversight, or we may be in process of getting it online.

Given the large amount of data we manage, it is difficult to include it all on our website. We are seeking suggestions on what information internet users would find most valuable, and encourage you to contact Elizabeth with your suggestions or help.

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