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Ready for the 2014 monitoring season??

We're getting there
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URI Watershed Watch Monitoring Schedules

  • Weather permitting, monitor on the same day each week between 10 AM and 2 PM on lakes and ponds.
  • For rivers, streams, and coastal ponds, monitor every other week between 6 AM and 9 AM, weather permitting.
  • On Water Collection Days: lakes & ponds - collect samples between 10 AM and 2 PM, earlier is better; rivers, streams and coastal ponds - water collection is associated with low tide so please see the list below for collection times. After collection immediately bring the water samples and any accumulated chlorophyll filters in a cooler with ice to the URI Watershed Watch labs in the Room 002, Coastal Institute in Kingston, URI.
  • The URI Watershed Watch phone number is 874-2905. CALL IN ADVANCE IF YOU MUST RESCHEDULE DELIVERY OF YOUR WATER SAMPLES. Before the scheduled collection period is better than after!
  • On the dates noted, also bring in the specified kit for quality control (QC) testing.  REMEMBER TO MAIL IN YOUR MONITORING POSTCARD AFTER EACH MONITORING SESSION.
  • Have a great and SAFE monitoring season!

    Returning Volunteer Refresher Training. These sessions include demonstrations of monitoring procedures and tips for ensuring that data and samples are submitted according to the URIWW quality assurance project plans and our State certification. Equipment is available for pick-up after these sessions as well.

MONITORING SCHEDULES are available as pdfs to allow for easy printing - just click on the schedule you need to see and / or print it.


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