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Shored Up: When Human Nature and the Force of Nature Collide a doumentary about climate change and sea level rise - Tues, 9/29/15, 6 pm
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URI Watershed Watch Program Partners

The URI Watershed Watch program is a partnership between the University of Rhode Island (URI) Cooperative Extension, the State of Rhode Island, and local organizations. These partners provide financial and in-kind support, assist with volunteer recruitment and management, help interpret and disseminate monitoring information, and guide program improvements, enhancements and long-term success.

Major Program Sponsors:

Municipalities: (Year indicates when sponsorship was initiated)

Environmental and Sporting Organizations:

Indian Tribes:

Lakeside Residents and Organizations:

The following are other organizations with which URIWW works to provide a variety of services, exchange information and share resources.

Local, Regional and National Partnerships:

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