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RI Audubon's 118th annual meeting is Celebrating the distinguished 35-year career (& URIWW volunteer)
Eugenia Marks
(click here)

Welcome to URI Watershed Watch

The URI Watershed Watch (URIWW) is a volunteer water quality monitoring program that works with local communities to assess water quality, identify sources of pollution in water and provide information about water leading to more effective management of critical water resources. Led by trained scientists, URI Watershed Watch helps local governments, watershed, tribal and other organizations recruit and train volunteers to become citizen scientists gathering detailed, quality assured monitoring data. Our comprehensive watershed-based program focuses on long-term environmental monitoring of RI's fresh and salt water resources including lakes, ponds, streams and coastal waters. We provide training, equipment, supplies and analytical services tailored to organizational needs, while meeting strict quality assurance and quality control guidelines in the field and in our state-certified water testing laboratory. Click here to learn more!

Summer's over, but there still may be jellyfish around? Click here to learn more about reporting whether you see any or not.

Need a little more practice reading Secchi disk? Just go to the Maine Secchi Disk Simulator: http://www.mainelakedata.org/recertify/. This great tool allows you to lower a disk on your computer screen - and even tells you when you've got it right! Great for learning, and for keeping your skills sharp throughout the 2015 season!

Recent Monitoring Data - Bacteria Results (Last updated 9/25/15)

2015 Blue Water Task Force Data (Enterococci)
2015 Bristol Harbor and Tiverton Coastal sites (Fecal coliform and enterococci)
2015 Salt Ponds (Fecal coliform and enterococci)
2015 Coastal Waters (CUSH, STB and Napatree Fecal coliform and enterococci)
2015 Lakes, ponds & reservoirs (Enterococci)
2015 Rivers & streams (Enterococci - included WPWA tribs)
2015 Narrow River Special Project Sites (Fecal coliform and Enterococci)
2015 Tidal River and Shellfish Tributaries (Enterococci - includes Narrow River sites)
2015 Tidal River and Shellfish Tributaries (Fecal coliform - includes Narrow River sites)
2015 Tributaries (Enterococci)
2015 Block Island (Fecal coliform and enterococci)

Next scheduled 2015
water collections:

Salt ponds, and Save The Bay September 30th

Salve Bristol Harbors / Tiverton Harbor Commission sites
Thursday, October 1st

Lakes, ponds, reservoirs, rivers, streams, & bays :
Thursday, October 15th; 9 am - 5 pm drop off
Friday, October 16th: 9 am - 5 pm drop off,
Saturday, October 17th: 8 am - 4 pm drop off

Blue Water Task Force
October 16th

Remember - this is the FINAL 2015 collection. Please bring your monitoring equipment too!

At Barber Pond

2015 season schedules and
field data
sheets now available online

Call 401-874-2905 to make arrangements for dropping off samples or with questions regarding parking, etc. (Full schedules can be found and printed from here.)

Getting Involved -
No prior experience is needed to become a URI Watershed Watch citizen scientist - just an interest in making a difference by monitoring water! Our citizen scientists get to go out on their favorite lake, pond, stream or bay to gather information on water about once a week at mid-day from May through October. Monitoring teams are encouraged, and actively recruited to help share the work. Click here for more information about getting involved with environmental monitoring.

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URI Watershed Watch provides equal program opportunities without regard to race,age, sex or preference, creed, or disability. The University is an Affirmative Action / Equal Opportunity employer. AES and CE programs are nondiscriminatory (Non-Discrimination Statement). Copyright 2006 URI Water Quality Program