Amy Maas

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I graduated from Hiram College with a BA in Biology in 2006 where I
wrote my honors thesis on the comparative functional morphology of
Eocene whales. Following my graduation, I continued studying these
organisms, working as a laboratory technician for Dr. Hans Thewissen who studies both the evolution of cetacea and their development.

Currently I am investigating pteropod physiology and distribution with Dr. Brad Seibel at the University of Rhode Island. Pteropods are in some places an integral part of the food web and function as a
biological pump of calcium carbonate from surface waters to depth. As anthropogenic climate change becomes more pronounced in pelagic ocean systems, these organisms may serve well to illustrate how declines in food levels, increasing temperatures, hypoxia, and hypercapnia affect zooplankton.

I was a recipient of the 2008-2009 Rhode Island EPSCoR fellowship and was further supported through the support of NSF the URI research grant and the URI GAU.