Press Coverage

Research in the Seibel lab has been featured in dozens of news outlets including the New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Science News, BBC World News, Discovery Channel, National Public Radio and National Geographic

Kansas science students get a taste of the Antarctic, The Topeka Capitol Journal, 2014

Oysters May Struggle to Build Shells as Carbon Dioxide Rises, ScienceNews, 2013

Dr. Seibel was invited to attend the 4th Annual Rhode Island Energy and Environmental Leaders Day where Vice President Al Gore delivered the keynote address. 2013

Another piece of the chemistry puzzle, The Narragansett Times, Standard-Times, East Greenwich Pendulum, Chariho Times, Coventry Courier, 2013.

Society for Experimental Biology "Climate Change Could Turn Oxygen-free Seas from a Blessing to a Curse for Zooplankton" featured on over 20 websites including: Sciencedaily, FirstScience, Physorg, ScienceCodex, EcoRI, URI today, URI homepage. 2011

Cranston Resident Studying Interaction of Zooplankton and Global Warming, CranstonPatch, 2011

Exploring How Jumblo Squid Use Oxygen to Survive, US News, 2010

Colossal Squid Is Far From Fearsome Predator, WIRED, 2010

'Menacing' Squids Really Quite Timid, United Press International, 2009

Ocean Acidification From Carbon Dioxide Emissions Will Cause Physiological Impairment To Jumbo Squid, ScienceDaily, 2008

Interview: Go Earth Care!, Bay FM Community Radio, Byron Shire, NSW, Australia, titled: "The Impact of Ocean Acidification on Sea Butterflies." 2008

Scientists' Discovery In The Deep Casts Some Squid Mothers In A Brighter Light, The New York Times, 2005

Marine Biologist Says Carbon Dioxide Injection In Deep Sea Would Alter Ocean Chemistry, Affect Numerous Creatures, ScienceDaily, 2003