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URI Outreach Center

Garden and Greenspace Curriculum Resources

Take advantage of the educational potential offered by your school or community garden or green space. Use this page to find ideas and tips for planning lessons that will teach children about the environment while helping your students to achieve in science, English language arts and mathematics.


Biodiversity in Urban Gardens Curriculum

Urban Ecologist Workbook - 4H


Food Literacy

Seed Starting Curriclum (K-4)

Food Literacy Curriculum (4-12)

Cornell's Garden Based Learning

Food and Garden Activities for Kids

Germinating Seeds - 4H

Worm Composting

Stormwater and Water Cycle

Watersheds and Water Cycle Curriculum (K-12)

Active Watershed Curriculum: Effects of Land Use on the Watershed

Stormwater Kids Activity Book

Make Your Own Watershed Monitoring Equipment

EPA Monitoring Online Tutorial

USU Water Quality Extension Lesson Plans

Water Presentation By Gina DeMarco

The Water Cycle for Kids

Watershed in a Box

Check out more resources available from RI Stormwater Solutions. Scroll down to the "Youth Education - Resources for Teachers and Students"